Alex Israel

In his current exhibit at Isbrytaren in Stockholm, Los Angeles based artist Alex Israel examines the celebrity culture of his hometown.

Celebrity culture is a central theme in the works of Alex Israel. He claims to believe in the Stardust of Hollywood, in the magic that transforms an object just through the appearance on film, pictured in association with a star whose image is just as fictitious as the movie itself. In the exhibition at Isbrytaren, Alex Israel examines the dynamics and references of the city of Los Angeles, where the Hollywood movie industry continues to be a powerful force for constructing the visual imagery of the American dream. In a series of large-scale, unframed paintings, Israel has depicted the pastel colours of a sky in sunset, a dreamy blend of blue and pink. Displayed side by side with a repetitious row of self portraits in various colour combinations, reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s pop art, the exhibition gives a somewhat kitschy impression, something that is highlighted by the slushy soundtrack that accompanies it.

Besides his artistic practice, Alex Israel also hosts the TV show As it LAys, where he interviews various Hollywood stars, and produces his own line of sunglasses under the name of Freeway.

Alex Israel’s exhibit at Isbrytaren in Stockholm will be on display until October 3. See some photos from the exhibition above, and read more about it here