Aron Pelcman

Photographer Aron Pelcman finds his inspiration where light and shadow meet. With his Series No. 2, he’s created a series of black and white portraits that erase the boundaries between reality and abstraction.

It’s a series of portraits, says Aron. Not to show personalities, neither to objectify the models, but through deconstruction of the human shapes and features, create something stripped off and reduced. And in my eyes beautiful.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
– In darkness, light can make very interesting shapes and patterns. In the same way, shadows can draw shapes and patterns in light. This is where I find my inspiration.

When did you started to take photos?
– I have always liked to draw and paint, to make pictures. Photography is basically the same thing, but more direct in its way of capturing a motive. I got a camera when I was just a kid, maybe seven or eight. With a lot of encouragement from people around me I started to take a lot of photos.

– When you look at my pictures from back then, you can see that the things that caught my eye were not certain motives or objects. It was rather compositions of shapes, and contrasts between light and shadow. Although I’ve developed a lot as a photographer since then, I still look through the lens with the same eyes.

 Aron Pelcman’s Series No. 2. at 123 Gallery’s Summer Showroom at the nightclub Trädgården in Stockholm until the 8th of July.

All photos from Aron Pelcman’s Series No. 2.

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