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Debby Thijs

With inspiration from dark and melodic music, emerging photographer Debby Thijs creates beautiful painterly photos, rich in suggestive emotions and evocative undertones. Here she tells us more about her inspirations and influences.

I started showing interest in photography at the age of sixteen, Debby recalls. First I started with self-portraits, taken by a camera of three mega pixels. It all started when I made the big decision to go from vocational education, where I didn’t feel at home, to art school. I studied photography for nine years and obtained my master in 2012.

I find many of your photos abstract and somewhat painterly. Is that something you strive for?
– I’m not aware of making the photos abstract or painterly. It is just something that happens, depending on the feeling I have at the moment when I take the photo.

– My inspiration comes mainly from music. I can listen to a piece of music and then impulsively start photographing. The music I listen to is primarily dark and melodic, which partly can be found in my work.

– I like it when my work evokes mysteries. In my opinion, art should raise questions rather than answering them. I hope that people, when looking at my pictures, can relate to the emotional world I was living in at the moment of the shoot.

Into The Void 2 - 2008

Is there any photographer that you look up to or identify with?
– Francesca Woodman is one of my favourite photographers, Debby says. Unfortunately she committed suicide at the age of twenty-three. To me, the work she left behind is a source of both inspiration and emotion.

– Furthermore I’m a huge fan of Floria Sigismondi’s work, who also directed some of my favourite music videos.

What are your thoughts on the future?
– I’m hoping for a greater recognition of my work. Publications like this one are of course of great help, so is social media. My dream is to be able to make a living out of my photography.

See a selection of Debby Thij’s photos above.