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Gabriella Loeb

By bringing traditional haute couture techniques into her art making, Gabriella Loeb has created a collection of softly billowing sculptures. This week will see the opening of her exhibit Appendages at Galleri Bon in Stockholm.

The autumn is here, and so is the new gallery season. This week will see the opening of Galleri Bon’s first exhibition for the season, Appendages by Gabriella Loeb. The exhibition will display Gabriella Loeb’s first sculptures, from 2008-2013. With a background in fashion and tailoring, Gabriella Loeb brings in traditional haute couture techniques in her art making. Her sculptures are made of repetitive folds of textiles and sewn together by hand, a slow and time consuming process. After hundreds of hours of sewing, the textiles are formed into sculptures, assembled on to a metal armature, and fixed with resin and white paint. The result is a collection of softly billowing sculptures, reminiscent of coral reefs, waves, and maps of mountains. They are bodily and palpable, but at the same time fragile and evasive.

My current work is an amalgam between my fashion and painting background

– My current work is an amalgam between my fashion and painting background, Gabriella says. It was only until I realized how bored I was with the fashion body and its limitations that I began to build body in an abstract way. I started to experiment with harder materials in contrast to textiles such as, metal and resin; in combination with a certain technique small scale folding at a high ratio. The fold slows down the fabric into a membrane like surface texture. Each stitch records a perception within the moment it was sewn. Although seemingly alike in repetition each fold is characterized by its own subtle differences, a labyrinth of micro worlds within a macro perception.

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By using her knowledge in both fashion and art, Gabriella Loeb gives a whole new meaning to haute couture, where the textiles become abstract bodies instead of garments. During the work process, she also attempted to distil the sculpture’s actual scent, resulting in the creation of a perfume, also included in the exhibition.

Gabriella Loeb grew up in Miami, Florida and Aspen, Colorado, and has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She is now based in Stockholm since five years, and is doing her second year of a Master in Textiles at Konstfack.

Appendages will be on view at Galleri Bon in Stockholm between September 6-15. Opening hours Friday 12-6 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 12-4 p.m.

See more of Gabriella Loeb’s sculptures above. Photos by Ruth Anna Eriksson.