Harder Better Faster Stronger

Under the direction of newly appointed curators Nilz Källgren and Sonja Nettelbladt, the upcoming season at Stockholm gallery Galleri Bon will see everything from conceptual sculptures and installations to photography and film, starting off with a group exhibition on the duality of sports.

Situated in a former garage at Högbergsgatan in Stockholm, Galleri Bon is an exhibition space on the border between art, fashion, and contemporary culture. Founded by Swedish fashion magazine Bon in early 2013, the gallery is continuously hosting exhibitions and events initiated in collaboration with national and international artists and creatives. With hybridism and contemporaneity at the heart of their practice, Galleri Bon strives to give visual expression to the ideas that define our time. With newly appointed curators Nilz Källgren and Sonja Nettelbladt at the helm, the upcoming season will see everything from conceptual sculptures and installations to photography and film.

Opening this week, the first exhibition of the season is devoted to the theme of sports. Featuring artists Pilates, Daniel Nilsson, and Christopher Insulander, Harder Better Faster Stronger focuses on the contradictory nature of sports and exercise. On one hand, sports are an expression of something rudimentary and primal, a means to assess the fastest runner, the best swimmer, or the strongest fighter. On the other hand, there is something extremely sophisticated over the meticulous rules, technical advancements, and high-performance materials that characterises contemporary sports. Combining an audiovisual installation with a series of sports photographs and a site-specific sculpture group, Harder Better Faster Stronger aims to illustrate this dualism in an artistic and creative way.

Warning! May cause epilepsi. Sign places next to Pilates' audiovisual installation.
“Warning! May cause epilepsy”. Sign placed next to Pilates’ audiovisual installation.

In their audiovisual installation, Pilates presents an abstract football scenario pumping with adrenalin while giving a sarcastic blink to sports as a stereotypical manifestation of masculinity. In freelance photographer Daniel Nilsson’s photographs, it is the athletic body and individual performance that is in focus. With their sculptural and dynamic aesthetics, the images also illustrates the beauty and strength of sports. Specifically made for Harder Better Faster Stronger, stylist Christopher Insulander has created a site-specific installation illustrating the constant repetition of exercise through an endless ocean of sport socks.

Harder Better Faster Stronger will be on view at Galleri Bon in Stockholm from September 26 through October 5.

Top photograph by Daniel Nilsson.