Isbrytaren c/o Appartamento

Appartamento, a creative venue for contemporary culture: art, design, music and fashion, is currently taking place in Stockholm. This Tuesday innovative gallery Isbrytaren is hosting an exhibition featuring Darren Bader.

Appartamento is initiated by the Italian Peroni Nastro Azzurro who invited contemporary creators to fill the 19th century apartment at Norrlandsgatan 24 in the center of Stockholm with their work and visions.

On the 18th of November the innovative gallery Isbrytaren (the Icebreaker) will move in to the apartment. Isbrytaren is an artist-run space located on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, founded 2013 by the London-based pioneering galerist and art collector Carl Kostyál.

The gallery focuses on young contemporary, international artists. Jim Thorell, general manager, describes it as a ”cultural center and complement to Kostyál’s Gallery in London”. Isbrytaren is a creative space that provides studios and residencies for artists. Beside the exhibitions Isbrytaren arranges lectures and movie screenings.


At the exhibition, Isbrytaren will show three works of the American artist Darren Bader, and one video-work of Alex Da Corte.

Darren Bader works sculpturally with conceptual temporary arrangements. Using ready-made types of objects, Bader often include opposing items to ensemble his art. For example, a fluorescent light stuffed into a baguette or a piece of salmon between two DVD-covers.

”The surprising meeting between the different elements in the sculptures become thrilling and often humoristic and in the same way very visually and sculpturally appealing – especially how the works is transcended digital by photos and on the internet”, Jim Thorell describes Darren Bader’s work.

When we look at the sculptures we can almost feel the materiality, the smell and the taste.

Darren Bader’s work is supplemented by a video work of the contemporary pop-artist Alex Da Corte, whose work was exhibited at Isbrytaren earlier this year in a solo show called ”A night in hell”. This time the video work exhibited is described as ”sensual and about the materiality of motion” by Jim Thorell.


The spring 2015 a solo exhibition with Darren Bader will be presented at Isbrytaren.

Isbrytaren will at November 18th at 6pm-8pm, move into the apartment at Norrlandsgatan 24, in Stockholm. If you’d like to attend the event, RSVP here: