Matias Aros: Fear, Sadness and Anxiety

Photographer Matias Aros is having his first exhibition tomorrow named Fear, Sadness and Anxiety. It is a three hour long exhibition where the main focus is being honest with your feelings without hiding it – to open up and letting go.

Fear, Sadness and Anxiety is an exhibition created by Matias Aros and will be shown tomorrow, December 11th, at Maskineriet in Stockholm between 19:00 – 22:00. It’s a very personal exhibition where Matias has been photographing different locations and objects connected to extremely severe moments from his life. This is his honest way, after years of pretending, to open up about his past – for friends and strangers, in only three hours.

It’s pathetic how easy it is to act happy when in reality you’re actually falling apart inside


Hello Matias, how do you feel about your upcoming exhibition?
– I’m very nervous. It’s my first exhibition ever and it’s quite unlike me to expose myself like this. There have been times when I almost have given up this project, because of pure fear. It’s been so exhausting, but my friends have given me energy and boost that got me on track again.

What can we expect from it?
– John Magnér will play some nice music; we’ll also serve cold beer and snacks. During these three hours people will get the chance to ask whatever they want about the pictures and me, how I feel or whatever they want generelly. There will be mingling photographers and awesome guests.

photography by Sofia Lindberg

What do you want to mediate with the exhibition?
– Well, many people see me as a very positive and energetic person, but the fact is that I carry really severe memories on my back. It’s pathetic how easy it is to act happy when in reality you’re actually falling apart inside. The exhibition is like therapy for me, an honest gesture to the feelings that I’ve kept hidden. This time I want to expose them through my photos. Photos of different objects I find hard to even think of or see. I want people to think one extra time, ask one more time how they really feel – because I know I’m not the only one that closes my heart once in a while. 

How come you’ll have the exhibition at Maskineriet?
– Maskineriet is a newly opened place at Nordic Light Hotel, I saw a good chance to have it there since it’s both mine  and their first exhibition so far. When we had a meeting about this – they instantly loved my idea and got interested in what I wanted to mediate with it. Maskineriet is a place I haven’t got bad memories from, it’s my “new start” like it’s a new start for them.

What will you do with the pictures after this?
– Most of the pictures are available to buy, but I will burn the pictures that are left into ashes, so I can let the memories go and move on forward for real.


The exhibition Fear, Sadness and Anxiety will be held at Maskineriet in Stockholm tomorrow, December 11th, between 19:00 – 22:00. Contact Matias at for further information or if you are interested in going. You can also find the event on Facebook.


Photography by Sofia Lindberg