Sara Sjöbäck at Ten Pink Years

This year the Swedish Cancer Foundation, Cancerfonden, is celebrating ten years of designer collaborations. To celebrate this, Cancerfonden has formed a challenge to create art inspired by one of the 10 former Pink Ribbon collabs.

The exhibition to showcase the artworks is named Ten Pink Years and is now available at Nau Gallery. The pieces are sold to the highest bidder and the money will go to the Cancer Foundation. Radar visited Nau gallery for a closer look and to interview one of the exhibitors – Sara Sjöbäck.

Hi Sara, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
— My name is Sara Sjöbäck. I was born and raised in Sjöbo – a small village in Skåne. I have always had many irons in the fire and always had a strong desire for the world and something more. I’ve traveled to broaden my horizons, tried out as many jobs I could and studied a lot of different courses to better understand what I want with my life. I ́m currently studying my last of three years at Beckmans, which has been the best years of my life so far.


How come you decided to get involved in this exhibition?
— It is important for me to work and highlight this kind of organization through art and design. I wanted to take the chance to auction out my piece to the highest bidder, since the money will go directly to the cancer foundation.

Tell us a bit about your artwork!
— I chose to get inspired by Liselotte Watkins previous design, picturing a pair of breasts. Watkins herself has said that it should be seen as a tribute to the body part so I choose to continue working with that and created a pouf, shaped as a boob. It often feels like we are avoiding the word breast. Like it ́s a bit awkward to talk about. I wanted to defuse it by creating a gigantic boob. Hence the name of the artwork, Tittie!

– It became very clear to me that if I should use breasts in a undramatic context – I wanted it to be a utility and something that the user interacts with on daily basis.


What have been the reactions to Tittie?
— I have gotten a lot of positive feedback. People get happy by touching the material and they seem to get my idea of the feeling of resting against a warm chest.

How did this assignment differ from how you usually work?
— I have tried to keep my playful esthetics with the design. The biggest difference must be, having to work with the cancer foundation and Liselotte Watkins pattern as my biggest sources of inspiration.


What will you do with the Tittie if you don’t sell it?
— If I don’t sell it, I will keep it at home. The owner of Tittie will besides having contributed with money to a good cause, be the only one in the world with this type of furniture. Also the feature of not be able to get through an entire movie without falling asleep. That’s how comfortable it is.

We can add that the the pouf contains 700 liter plastic balls.

The exhibition is open until the 12th of October.

Here are some of the other artworks:


Linnea And-Ast “Kläm”
Linnea Persson “Vid din sida” interprets Camilla Thulin 2014
Hanna westerling


Photo: by Beata Cervin