Follow up on Artist OKOK

On the 8th of september, Artist OKOK opened his first public art studio in the lobby of Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm. His visit has come to an end and this friday OKOK will be showcasing the art he has been producing during his stay at the hotel. We caught up with OKOK to ask him about his final thoughts on the project.

Did your stay at the hotel stand up to your expectations?
It’s been an amazing month at Nordic Light / The Crooked Leg. I’ve traveled worlds within my art that I didn’t know existed before I moved in. I’ve created more than 200 pieces of art, painting 10-14 hours per day. I’ve been eating the best of hotel breakfasts and brunches and I’ve been connecting with guests from all over the world and all the people working at the hotel and in the restaurant. This is definitely something I would like to do again – here in Stockholm at Nordic Light or somewhere else in the world.

How did your creativity evolve during your stay?
Three days after I moved in, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to create art with it’s core in lines – drawn with my Montegrappa fountain pen and a ruler. These lines been with me since then and are a part of 95% of the pieces in the exhibition. That’s why I named the exhibition “This Is Where I Draw the Line.” I wanted to go deep in to a visual way of thinking rather than broad. That opened up for a whole new Universe of forms.

After this – I’m even able to carry a conversation while painting at the same time

Did your visibility affect you in contrast of painting alone in the shades?
Not really, since I usually wake up in the morning to put on some clothes and head down to the local café to start working. I’m very comfortable working with people around me. Even more so now. After this – I’m even able to carry a conversation while painting at the same time.

Will it be emotional to leave the hotel?
I’m used to moving around, so it wont be too tough. I’ve already moved in to my new art studio at Absolut Atelier. where I’ve started working on new pieces of art. My zone of creativity is affected by my surroundings, but almost any surroundings inspire me.

When’s the vernissage and what can we expect from it?
It goes down this Friday, October 10, between 07.00PM and 11.00PM. There will be beers served in the lobby, that the guests can bring up to the first floor, where there exhibition will take place. When finished looking at my work, the party will continue at The Crooked Leg. DJ Viet-Naam and Tjocke Jimmy will spin music and Adam Tensta and Nebay Meles will do a little DJ-both-take-over type of performance. At 11PM Zeke at Spy Bar invites anyone attending to the event on Facebook to the afterparty. There, DJ Sheit and Dirtbag will make sure that no one is safe from dancing.

More info on the exhibition opening can be found here
More info on the afterparty (attend and your on the guestlist) can be found here

To take a look at artbyOKOK’s work check out his blog and his Facebook page.

Photography by: Manga Minja.