I Smell Amateurs

This Friday will se the unveiling of I Smell Amateurs, a short reality movie taking place on a twenty-four-hour cruise between Sweden and Finland, made by emerging Stockholm artist Anna Uddenberg.

The camera sweeps over a group of people watching and commenting on snippets of porn movies. The sequences are discussed and analyzed, and alternative dialogues are recorded. Made by emerging Stockholm artist Anna Uddenberg, I Smell Amateurs features artists, writers, and directors Aron Flam, Cajsa von Zeipel, Palle Thorsson, Maria Elena Guerra Aredal, and Axel Petersén, and, as indicated by the title, no one is an expert.

With the movie, Anna Uddenberg aims to discuss the authenticity and value of contemporary porn, and how it influences our view of sexuality and identity. There are also parallels drawn to the reality shows of today, where sex and humiliation become public entertainment.

The screening of I Smell Amateurs also marks the end of a series of art film screenings that have taken place at Stockholm cinemas Zita and Bio Rio this autumn, initiated by Luciano Leiva and Nathalie Åhbeck.

I Smell Amateurs will be shown at Stockholm art space Isbrytaren on Friday, January 17. Read more about the event here.