Kobolt Magazine no. 6

A new issue of Kobolt Magazine is about to be released! We talked to our friends, the founders Klara and Sara, to see what they have been up to and what we can expect from this issue and from the Kobolt gang in the future!

The last time we saw you were in anticipation of your last magazine release, what have you guys been up to since?

First of all, we had such a great time at the last release party we did at Lydmar together with Radar! We were so happy that so many of you showed up. We were overwhelmed by the wonderful response that we received and therefore got a little bit tired afterwards. We decided to take a few weeks off to reflect and to come up with new ideas, (also to catch up with our studies and work…).

We had a meeting, ate some noodles and brainstormed ideas and realized we both wanted to develop the main idea of Kobolt; to promote young artists.

Therefore we’ve been working on two things since our last issue; the next Kobolt Magazine of course. And also planning an upcoming exhibition detached from the magazine.

During this time we have been receiving applications for Kobolt Magazine no. 6 (we’ve gotten a lot of applications for this issue of Kobolt Magazine, we are happy that so many want to participate), and developing the design of Kobolt Magazine. We have also been spending a lot of time scrolling trough Blocket ads and fighting trough snow storms to find the right venue for our upcoming exhibition in September. Stay tuned!

Has the magazine changed since last, and if so how?

The concept and the design of the magazine still remains the same.
It is a fold out magazine that becomes an A1-format poster when you open it.

The main change is the number of artists presented in the magazine. Starting out in 2013, we presented 13 participants – in the last issue (Kobolt Magazine no.5) there were eight. This time there will only be seven young artist represented in the magazine. We want to give the artists the space needed to highlight each piece -yet create a dynamic whole of the magazine.

We’ve worked together with Amore Brand Identity Studios to develop the design of the magazine. We decided to keep the square pattern that was created for Kobolt Magazine no.5, but we’ve changed the color to a more “summery” one … guess which?

Sara och Klara, grundare till Kobolt

So what roles do you each play in this production, who is who in the Kobolt duo?

Since we started Kobolt together and we both have a background in fine arts, we decided that we both wanted to work with every part of the Kobolt production, which actually works for most of the time, believe it or not. Maybe because we hang out all the time and Kobolt is the only thing we talk about… Our other friends are bored with us now.

But of course we have different roles. Kobolt – now being a platform that has branched out, has made way for different obligations. We try to divide the workload equally, sometimes one of us has a lot of other work or an exam in school – then one of us will take more responsibility when it comes to Kobolt.

Klara often spaces out in crazy concept making while Sara keeps changing the color and the form of the magazine. It often works out for the best, but sometimes it results in total chaos. (You should have seen the first design of Kobolt…)

The coming issue, what are its strong sides, and what are its weaknesses?

We decided to print all the work in their original color; this was a way for us to return to our original idea. By doing this we strengthened the feel of the magazine as a mini-gallery.

We’re also fans of the color that’s been chosen for this issue, it creates such happy feeling!

We really happy about the dialog that the seven pieces represented in this magazine create together.

We have had such great contact with the design studio that we’re working with – it’s been a lot of fun creating the optimal design for this issue.

Kobolt Magazine is now designed how we intended it when we started out 2 years ago – an A1 fold-down magazine with the presented works in their original color! There are always things that we can change – we think that this is the beginning of an opportunity for developing and playing with the design. Maybe trying different types of folds, different papers or create an even larger poster!  We have a lot of ideas and love working with this concept – it is changeable and playful at the same time.

Did you operate around a theme or a thought when selecting the participants?

We don’t have a theme while selecting participants, even if the ones we choose often creates a dynamic pattern together. It is really important for us that the pieces in the magazine work together as a whole, we are responsible for that.

We want to keep Kobolt as a platform for young artist as open as possible, the pieces of the participating artists should always be the main focus.

But we’ve been thinking about starting working in themes, it would be fun to get applications with works especially made for Kobolt. Wow!


Who’s in it this time around? Who are new and are there any returning contributors?

In Kobolt Magazine no. 6 we present seven artists; Lydia Ericsson Wärn, Maria Toll, Mårten Godske, Evelina Kollberg, August Adrial, Josefina Anjou and Klara Wirsen.

Lydia Ericsson Wärn and Josefina Anjou as been presented in the magazine before. Josefina in Kobolt Magazine no.2 and Lydia in Kobolt Magazine no.3. It is always fun to se how the artists develop. We are also very grateful that they want to participate one more time!

All the pieces represented in this issue contain a sense of humor – together with the color of the magazine it creates a great dynamic.

What are you looking forward too in Kobolt’s future?

First of all: the exhibition in September. We think it will be great!

We really want to find more and new ways to present young contemporary art and to develop the concept of Kobolt.

We are also looking forward to get a chance to develop Kobolt Magazine and to play with the design – to find new ways to present art in print. We believe in the importance of the printed magazine, but we also think you have to stay opened and try new things. We want to continue working with this concept as a creative platform to present young contemporary art.

Here you can find more information about Kobolt and the event for the upcoming issue of Kobolt Magazine today!