No Fair: Austin Lee at Isbrytaren

This Saturday, March 14th , the exhibition No Fair with the artist Austin Lee is opening at Isbrytaren in Stockholm. Austin Lee’s work will fill the main space at the gallery. The exhibition will contain place specific paintings made on the gallery walls as well 3D printed sculptures.

The American artist Austin Lee graduated from Yale School of Art 2013. He has developed a distinctive style of coloristic paintings often with a humoristic, playful expression. Lee also works in different medium such as sculpture, 3D printing and video.

The motives in Austin Lee’s paintings are usually scenes from everyday life and portraits, everything are made in bright colors. Lee’s artistic style can make you think of cartoons, but his use of airbrush on the canvas, blurring the motives and making the paintings looks as they are made fast and easily, both gives a naivistic and fun expression as well a more artistic touch.


The airbrushed effects in Lee’s paintings can in one way refer to the use of filters when digitally retouching pictures or photographs. But it can also, in another way, refer to much older and more classic techniques of painting, such as we can se in paintings from the renaissance for example, but the style of Lee’s work is of course up to date and more colorful, naivistic and playful.

The exhibition, No Fair, at Isbrytaren will contain lots of new work by Lee. He has made place specific paintings, directly on the enormous gallery walls. To this exhibition Austin Lee has added sculptures. The sculptures are 3D printed portraits that are hand colored and modified by Lee.

The gallery, Isbrytaren (the Icebreaker) is an artist-run space located on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, founded 2013 by the London-based pioneering galerist and art collector Carl Kostyál. The gallery focuses on young contemporary, international artists. For this exhibition Isbrytaren has a new main space in the same building as the old one.


Isbrytaren also has a project space in the same building, exhibiting upcoming artist. This time two artist will be on display in this space: Alek O and James Viscardi.

The Brazilian born artist Alek O lives and works in Italy, Alek O has a degree in Industrial Design from Politecnico di Milano. The works of Alek O contains different materials and often focuses on an interest of objects and re-use of objects. The expression is mostly abstract and geometrical, almost minimalistic.

James Viscardi lives and works in New York. He graduated from the Royal Collage of Art in London 2011. Viscardi is mainly painting but he is also working with more conceptual pieces. His work often refers to the modernist era. Viscardi is working with the classic canvas in new ways. 

The exhibition No Fair with Austin Lee will be on display at Isbrytaren in Stockholm March 14th – April 3.