Rebecka Bebben Andersson x Bråvalla

This weekend the artist Rebecka Bebben Andersson will sit in a container at the music festival Bråvalla and draw for twenty-four hours. The performance is s part of the exhibition Place Party People that will take place during the festival.

The performance is also a part of Rebecka Bebben Andersson’s ongoing project Nolli Sthlm, where she examines how the cityscape is changing during the hours of the day and night. How her experienced freedom of movement is shrinking when darkness falls. The aim of the performance, called Dygnsteckning, is to sit somewhere in the city and draw for twenty-four hours, to see how the transformation of the city influences the drawing. It’s the sixth time se does this performance, but the first time in at music festival. Earlier sites includes the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, NAU Gallery, and Stockholm’s Auktionsverk. We talked to Rebecka to see how she felt about sitting in a container with paper and pens for two days.

– I’m a little bit nervous, as usual. I always doubt if I will be able to do it. This container is extremely hermetic which makes me even more nervous, as I imagine myself fainting in there. But now I’ve got a huge fan, so I think I will be alright.

– I think it will be different to draw at a music festival, but fun. I didn’t know that it was such an enormous festival, but it’s kind of scary when you know that it’s going to be like 50 000 people there. I also think that people will be more pep here, compared to the other places where I’ve been drawing, so I think that more unexpected things can happen.

Close up at Dygnsteckning IV.
Close up at Dygnsteckning IV.

How do you think that the festival will influence your drawing?
– Apparently there will be some kind of go cart track and a funfair  just in front of me, and then it will of course be loud music around me all the time. I never have a plan for the drawing before I begin, but I can imagine it to become crazier than the ones I’ve done before, as there will be so many things going on around me. Or maybe it will be the other way around, and I won’t get into a flow at all. Last time I did this, at Tranan Restaurant, I had people watching me all the time, which made me the drawing more disciplined. So I think that it depends on what the audience will be like. Hopefully the drawing will be as automatic and free as possible. But I’m really excited!

You can see Rebecka Bebben Andersson at Bråvalla this Thursday and Friday from 10-22. The other artists that are shown at Place Party People are Hanna Andersson, Siri Frances, Cecilia Alhqvist, and Erik Månsson. Here you can read a longer interview with Rebecka.  Photo: Erika Svensson