Snapshot: Konstfack

The exhibition Snapshot: Konstfack is taking place at Verket, a gallery in Stockholm, during the 30th and 31th of January. It’s an exhibition curated by 21 students from the department of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at Konstfack, school of arts, that will show only 16 pieces. The exhibition is supposed to display a wide range of works, snapshots, from the different departments at Konstfack. We talked to Leo Eklund, one of the students participating as a curator for the exhibition!

Tell us about the exhibition!

– The exhibition Snapshot: Konstfack is meant to show examples of what is being made at Konstfack right now.

What will you present at the exhibition?

– We are for instance presenting works that can exemplify how the crafts and design departments at Konstfack work with different types of objects by using their specific knowledge of art. We are also presenting work from the Fine Arts department. As well as design of different sorts, works that might be thought of as a result of a specific profession then works of art.


How have you, as a group of 21 students, worked with the exhibition?

– We worked in smaller groups focusing on picking works from the different departments of Konstfack. Decision-making was made trough discussion and voting.

How did you pick the chosen pieces in the exhibition?

– We wanted to show a variety of works that was representative for each and every department at Konstfack. For example, from one department at Konstfack, there might be works that is immaterial, conceptual, as well as traditional craft that is interesting and still fills a particular purpose; we wanted to show all of that.

Can you give some examples of artists participating? With what pieces and from which department?

– For example we show one piece of Karin Brännström from the department of Industrial Design, a thought-provoking locker. Pinar Arabag, who has made an atmospheric installation using plaster, also from the department of Industrial Design. Elisabeth Rafstedt from the department of Graphic Design and Illustration, who has made a striking poster-art. Elise Leonin, from the department of Fine arts, has made strongly visual and socially aware oil on canvas paintings.


How have you, coming from the department of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design been working with the gallery space?

– We have displayed the pieces in the gallery space so that they will give suitable perspective and views of course. Ideas about room sequencing and circulation that relate to a chronological experience, reversed or not. The space outside of the exhibition hall has also become a projection surface.

How does the pieces relate to each other, you are displaying works of art that are usually not presented together?

– We have embraced the unexpected relations; they give an eclectic but relaxed impression. It could be interpreted as an image of the wide range of expression and will to experiment at Konstfack.


Trough working with the exhibition, have you detected any trends at Konstfack? Is the exhibition representative of what is being made at the school at the moment?

– There’s a great curiosity about material at the school, new materials, new way to use them, known materials in new associative contexts etc. In some cases there is a longing for more locally crafted every day items. Some of the students seem to explore more traditional definitions of art. The exhibition represents our perspective at this given moment and could never be stated as representative of the school as a whole.

Is there anything special from Konstfack that you have wanted to present in the exhibition?

– Maybe that diversity is more than welcome, in every possible sense.

The exhibition Snapshot: Konstfack will take place at gallery Verket in Stockholm, 30th and 31th of January, Hammarby Slussväg 2. Check out the event here!