William Wegman

In his art, William Wegman investigates the meaning of nature in our culture with both humour, wit, and thoughtfulness. Right now his works are shown in the exhibition Hello Nature. How to Draw, Paint, Cook and Find Your Way, at Artipelag in Stockholm.

The artist William Wegman is perhaps best known for his photographs of his Weimaraners dogs, though his oeuvre includes everything from paintings and drawing to books and films. Most if his pieces are highly personal investigations of nature and its meaning in our culture, made with humour, wit, and thoughtfulness. William Wegman grew up in Holyoke, Massachusetts and graduated with an MFA in painting and graphic arts from the University of Illinois in 1967. Since then his works have been featured in magazines and TV-shows like the New Yorker and Saturday Night Live, as well as in exhibitions in galleries and museums all over the world. Recently Wegman also collaborated with Acne Studios to photograph their spring 2013 collection.

The exhibition Hello Nature. How to Draw, Paint, Cook and Find Your Way explores the inspiration behind all of Wegman’s work. In addition to the famous Weimaraner photos, the exhibition also includes Wegman’s paintings, drawings, collages, and films. The exhibition is on view at Artipelag just outside of Stockholm until the 29th of September.

All photos by William Wegman.


William Wegman himself.

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