Dragon Lady flies over Sweden in Odd Project

Swedish fashion label Odd Molly has successfully launched its first “Odd Project” – an initiative where girls from around the world achieve their “oddest” dreams.

The first project in the series of Odd projects is a flying machine created by Emelie Ekenborn. Emelie became the first women in the world to fly as a “Forest Dragon Bird”. “I have always been fascinated by myths about birds with female attributes,” says Emelie Ekenborn. “People can’t fly. It’s physically impossible, so naturally that’s exactly what we want to do. To do the impossible.” she continues.



Odd Project is a initiative by fashion label Odd molly that once started with a girl who dared to follow her dreams. The fashion label has now created a scene where the want to encourage and sponsor other girls to do the same.

See the full video below and visit oddmolly.se/oddproject for more info about Odd Project.