Jonas Carmhagen — We are freckled

Freckles is something that has fascinated people in all times. One of them is the photographer Jonas Carmhagen — who just finished his photo book called We are freckled. Radar had a chat w/ Jonas to learn more about the project.

– My fascination with freckles is coming from that I’m the only one on my father’s side of the family who doesn’t have freckles. I have always appreciated freckles and think it’s incredibly beautiful. In 2013 came the idea to actually make a project of it all. At first I thought of making an exhibition but quickly realised that an exhibition is eventually forgotten — while a book lasts forever.


– What I wanted to express and show in my book, is the natural beauty of freckles. I have photographed people of all ages, men and woman, boys and girls.


– Simple and clean, no styling, no makeup, a white t-shirt — nothing more. I have portraited over a hundred people during these two years, friends of friends and through street casting. It has been a great challenge and a fantastic experience to work with people who aren´t used to stand in front of the camera — to get them to feel comfortable and look natural.


– On a normal day I work as a fashion photographer and it’s been a great alternation to have a project of my own. I have done everything myself, the photography, the retouch, casting, etc. If something goes wrong I have only myself to blame. I definitely have mixed feelings about releasing something that I’ve intensively worked on for so long.



Jonas exhibition displayed on the 9th of December at 18-22 on Luntmakargatan 78th