Arts / Exhibition“Let us rethink climate. Be inspired by great artists and creative people from all over the world. Contribute your own …


Introducing: Nuda Paper

Arts / Interview“To perform tangle aesthetics. Stroking skin and flesh over printed matter. Perceptible through interaction. Used for feeling. Of or relating …






Sara Sjöbäck at Ten Pink Years

Exhibition / InterviewThis year the Swedish Cancer Foundation, Cancerfonden, is celebrating ten years of designer collaborations. To celebrate this, Cancerfonden has formed a challenge to create art inspired by one of the 10 former Pink Ribbon collabs.



Artist In Residence: Julia Rio

ArtsCreative artist and DJ Julia Riordan, better known as Julia Rio, is this month's Artist in Residence at the Nordic Light Hotel. Until the 9th of May she'll be painting and creating knitting intsallations in the lobby. Radar visited her for a short chat.


No Fair: Austin Lee at Isbrytaren

Arts / ExhibitionThis Saturday, March 14th , the exhibition No Fair with the artist Austin Lee is opening at Isbrytaren in Stockholm. Austin Lee’s work will fill the main space at the gallery. The exhibition will contain place specific paintings made on the gallery walls such as 3D printed sculptures.


Snapshot: Konstfack

Arts / ExhibitionThe exhibition Snapshot: Konstfack is taking place at Verket, a gallery in Stockholm, during the 30th and 31th of January. …



Adi Nes at Fotografiska

ExhibitionThe Israeli photographer Adi Nes is dealing with questions about identity in his work. On December 12th the exhibition Narratives opened at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

Matias Aros: Fear, Sadness and Anxiety

ExhibitionPhotographer Matias Aros is having his first exhibition tomorrow named Fear, Sadness and Anxiety. It is a three hour long exhibition where the main focus is being honest with your feelings without hiding it – to open up and letting go.

Anna Åstrand

In the StudioSurrounded by pieces of wood and metal, tools, and colour samples in her Bredäng studio, we speak with Swedish artist Anna Åstrand about spirituality, her Hälsingland childhood, and her fascination for the Californian desert.


Simon Stålenhag at INDIO

Arts / Exhibition / InterviewWe interviewed artist Simon Stålenhag – known for his sci–fi paintings of retro futuristic landscapes. Today INDIO are arranging his first exhibition ever at Kocksgatan 52, in Stockholm.

Herb Ritts at Fotografiska – an interview with Alessandra Mauro

Arts / ExhibitionThe 21st of November the exhibition In Full Light opened at Fotografiska in Stockholm. It is another exhibition in a series of fashion photographers being displayed at Fotografiska. Now it is Herb Ritts turn, as one of the most iconic fashion and celebrity photographers during the 80’s and the 90’s. I met the curator, Alessandra Mauro, in the exhibition hall, two hours before the press preview, to talk about photography, celebrity, beauty – and ancient Greek gods.

Full-fat or semi-skinned?

ExhibitionNow on view at Galleri Bon in Stockholm, Swiss artist Andrea Hasler's solo show Full-fat or semi-skinned? presents a kind of luxurious breast machine made of plastic tubes, photography, studded breast implants, glitter and gold.

Isbrytaren c/o Appartamento

ExhibitionAppartamento, a creative venue for contemporary culture: art, design, music and fashion, is currently taking place in Stockholm. This Tuesday innovative gallery Isbrytaren is hosting an exhibition featuring Darren Bader.

Fanny Köhler’s exhibition Stolen Moments

Exhibition / InterviewFanny Köhler Alvén fits the description of a multitalented photographer. Her latest series Stolen Moments consists of mostly snap shots taken in Brooklyn, New York during a ten-day stay. And her studio exhibition in Lund of is where I came in contact with this young and talented photographer.


Tommy Krek Sveningsson

In the StudioWith romanticism at the heart of his practice, Tommy Krek Sveningsson is searching for a sense of magic and isolation. We paid a visit to hos Gothenburg studio to learn more.

Follow up on Artist OKOK

ArtsThis friday Artist OKOK will be showcasing the art he has been producing during his stay at Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm. We asked him about his final thoughts on the project.

Ilja Karilampi

In the StudioSwedish artist Ilja Karilampi guides us to the Gothenburg neighbourhood that used to be his home for nearly two decades.

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

ArtsStarting off tomorrow, for the third year in row, Affordable Art Fair returns to Magasin 9 in Frihamnen, Stockholm. Together with over 60 swedish and international galleries the fair will be showcasing more than 5,000 art pieces.


Unnur Ýrr Helgadóttir

ArtsIcelandic artist Unnur Ýrr Helgadóttir tells us about her paintings inhabited by birds, vixens, sea creatures and Dalarna horses disguise.

Introducing artist OKOK

ArtsYesterday, Artist OKOK opened his first public art studio, ever, in the lobby of Nordic Light Hotel / The Crooked Leg in Stockholm, Sweden. Between September 8th and October 5th, for 28 days straight, he will create a body of work for an exhibition, ending with a showing and a party on October 10th.

Emilie Mottet does it well

ArtsThe graphic designer and illustrator Emilie Mottet is mainly recognised by her explosive visuals of muscly women, humoristic characters and psychedelic patterns in blazing neon colours.


Radar portfolio: Almagul Menlibayeva

Arts / PortfolioSet in the barren landscape of Kazakhstan, Almagul Menlibayeva’s perfectly staged photographs and video works are vibrant depictions of a country searching for the roots of its social identity.

Radar Portfolio: Daniel Hofer

PortfolioFrom German coal miners to Nepalese school boys, photographer Daniel Hofer manages to bring out the brightest and most poignant nuances of life.

Alexandre Singh – The Humans

ArtsDrawing on cultural references from Shakespeare, Milton and Mozart to Charles Ray and the Nesquik chocolate bunny, French-born artist Alexandre Singh intermingles a wide range of media to create an immersive theatrical performance that resists categorization.

Meet Miss Myllyviita

ArtsCuriosity can be a potent weapon in any design process and having curiosity in decoding artists during their creative development is like opening Pandora’s box. Each year Berghs organizes two weeks long competition where students from different majors collaborate on a joint case. We interviewed Heidi Myllyviita who in May graduated as an graphic designer from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.



ArtsGerman photographer Kevin McElvaney spent four days in the Agbogbloshie area, documenting what is now known to be the world's biggest e-waste dumpsite and the young boys working there.


Radar Portfolio: Ina Niehoff

PortfolioWith an eye for striking compositions and everyday curiosities, German photographer Ina Niehoff captures the traces we leave in our surroundings, as well as the beauty of nature itself.

Anna Uddenberg

In the StudioWe met with young artist Anna Uddenberg in her hazy Stockholm studio to talk about effortlessness, spam, and the importanceof staying in the studio.

Radar Portfolio: Peter Hoffman

PortfolioWorking in a multitude of styles and expressions, Chicago photographer Peter Hoffman views his works a an attempt to reconcile being overwhelmed by both the beauty and the problems of life.


Radar Portfolio: Ying Ang

PortfolioIn her intriguing series Gold Coast, Australian photographer Ying Ang captures the contradictory nature of Australia's crime-ridden golden coast.

Radar Portfolio: Hugo Hedberg

PortfolioCalmly observing the world through his smartphone, young Stockholm artist Hugo Hedberg manages to seize the most striking scenes of human behaviour in his everyday surroundings.

Nico – Sphinx of Ice

ArtsSupermodel, singer, and muse. In Nico – Sphinx of Ice, we are taken on a journey through the psyche of the broken and unbreakable sixties’ icon.

Hanna Ljungh

In the Studio"We live in a culture where death doesn’t really exist." We went to artist Hanna Ljungh's studio in Stockholm to talk about life and death and everything in between.


Radar Portfolio: Zhang Xiao

PortfolioWith an eye for the eccentricitiesof human behaviour, Chinese photographerZhang Xiao captures the surrealism and illusion of real life.

Nyström Persia

ArtsWe met with Christian Persia, one half of design duo Nyström Persia, to find out how it all started and to learn more about their new project Ready-Made.

Max Ronnersjö

In the Studio"The earth and nature are just like giant computers." We met with young, hybrid artist Max Ronnersjö to talk about collaborations, Wikipedia, and dead magpies.

In Contrast

ArtsThis week will see the unveiling of In Contrast, a collaboration between the graduate students at the Product Design programme and the second year Visual Communication students at Beckmans College of Design, centred on the complex concept of Yin and Yang.


Radar Portfolio: Isolde Woudstra

PortfolioDescribing her work as a horse galloping on a tomato, Dutch photographer Isolde Woudstra aims to create images that seem just as possible as unlikely.

Fredrik Paulsen

In the Studio"Things that are somewhat un-designed often turn outto be the best". We met with designer Fredrik Paulsento discuss playfulness, pragmatism, and politics.

Roxy Farhat and Kakan Hermansson

Arts"I could’ve become a politician,but I became an artist instead". We spoke with Roxy Farhat and Kakan Hermansson about sexual violence, handicraft, and muses.

I Smell Amateurs

ArtsThis Friday will se the unveiling of I Smell Amateurs, a short reality movie taking place on a twenty-four-hour cruise between Sweden and Finland, made by emerging Stockholm artist Anna Uddenberg.

Cajsa von Zeipel

In the Studio"The objectification that you are exposedto as a young girl is somewhat similar tothe objectification of a work of art."We've met with Stockholm sculptorCajsa von Zeipel.

Radar Portfolio: Clayton Cotterell

Portfolio"I am recognizing and allowing for spontaneous encounters of light, color, and form". Photographer Clayton Cotterell seeks to capture naturally occurring abstractions.



Best of 2013: Art

ArtsFrom Venice Biennale to Cindy Sherman's selfies, these are the best art happenings of 2013, selected by Stockholm gallery owner Jonas Kleerup.

Best of 2013: Films

ArtsFrom Joshua Oppenheimer's powerful documentary The Act of Killing to Harmony Korine's dazzling Spring Breakers,these are the best films of 2013.

Radar Portfolio: Liza Mandelup

PortfolioDriven by experience and wanderlust, New York based photographer and filmmaker Liza Mandelup follows her instincts and intuitions, wherever they make take her.

Winter Show at Hornhuset

ExhibitionThis week saw the opening of Young Art's Winter Show at Stockholm hangout Hornhuset in Stockholm, with photographers and Radar Magazine contributors Viktor Fremling and Victoria Stillwell as two of the participating artists.

Radar Portfolio: Johan Bergström

PortfolioIn his series Pagan Postcards, Swedish photographer Johan Bergström juxtaposes stunning natural scenery with the unsettling sense of approaching disaster.

Malin Gabriella Nordin

ArtsWith an upcoming solo show in Stockholm, we caught up with young artist Malin Gabriella Nordin to talk about inspiration, dreams, and her time in Bergen.


Radar Portfolio: Gioia Perrone

ArtsWith photography as her main mode of expression, young Italian artist Gioia Perrone uses the camera to examine memories and identity.

Radar Portfolio: Giangiacomo Pepe

Portfolio"I mainly photograph nudes because it is a subject I have studied for a long time". First out in Radar Magazine's new portfolio series is Italian photographer Giangiacomo Pepe.

Debby Thijs

ArtsWith inspiration from dark and melodic music, emerging photographer Debby Thijs creates beautiful painterly photos,rich in suggestive emotions andevocative undertones.

Mette Colberg

ArtsIn her beautifully dreamlike seriesThe Space Between Us, Danish artistMette Colberg explores the compellingcomplexity of glass.

Gavin Watson

ArtsWe caught up with legendary photographer Gavin Watson to talk about demonisation, Dr. Martens, and This Is England.


Paolo Roversi

ExhibitionA lover of the light, Paolo Roversi is noted for his poetic and personal approach to fashion photography. At the moment, his work can be seen in the exhibition Secrets in Stockholm.

Viviane Sassen

ExhibitionWith her highly personal and provocative style, Viviane Sassen is one of the most exciting figures in contemporary fashion photography.

Under the Rainbow

ArtsNews for this year's edition of Stockholm Film Festival is the section Under the Rainbow, an initiative to highlight LGBT films.

150 Years Of Club Kids

ExhibitionA new exhibition at the Museum of Spirits in Stockholm celebrates the uncrowned kings and queens of the night– the club kids.

Inta Ruka

ExhibitionFor over three decades, Latvian photographer Inta Ruka has portrayed her fellow countrymen with honesty and warmth. Now fifty of them are shown in the exhibition You & Me at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

What Films To See

ArtsTo light up the dark season that lies ahead, we have listed some of the most excitingand entertaining cultural experiencesthis autumn has to offer. Here’s ourpick of what films to see.


What Exhibitions To See

ArtsTo light up the dark season that lies ahead, we have listed some of the most exciting and entertaining cultural experiences this autumn has to offer. Here’s our pick of exhibitions not to miss this season.


ArtsThrough an artistic use of styling,set design, make up, and photography,creative trio Arter has invented anintriguing universe of their own.

What Books To Read

ArtsTo light up the dark season that lies ahead, we have listen some of the most exciting and entertaining cultural experiences this autumn has to offer. Here's our recommendation of what books to read.

Alex Israel

Arts / ExhibitionIn his current exhibit at Isbrytaren in Stockholm, Los Angeles based artist Alex Israel examines the celebrity culture of his hometown.

Gunnar Smoliansky

ArtsGunnar Smoliansky is one of Sweden's most significant photographers. This weekend his exhibit Moment – Gunnar Smoliansky will open at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and we had the pleasure of meeting the photographer for a short interview.


ArtsThis week, French artist Tyrsa is coming to Stockholm to turn the legendary restaurant Prinsen in Stockholm into an enormous street art installation, entitled The 1664 Experience.

Gabriella Loeb

ExhibitionBy bringing traditional haute couture techniques into her art making, Gabriella Loeb has created a collection of softly billowing sculptures. This week she will see the opening of her exhibit Appendages at Galleri Bon in Stockholm.

Lars Wallin

Exhibition / FashionThe exhibition Lars Wallin – Fashion Stories gathers more than twenty years of Swedish couture history. See an exclusive video from the exhibition here.