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Anna Åstrand

In the StudioSurrounded by pieces of wood and metal, tools, and colour samples in her Bredäng studio, we speak with Swedish artist Anna Åstrand about spirituality, her Hälsingland childhood, and her fascination for the Californian desert.


Tommy Krek Sveningsson

In the StudioWith romanticism at the heart of his practice, Tommy Krek Sveningsson is searching for a sense of magic and isolation. We paid a visit to hos Gothenburg studio to learn more.

Ilja Karilampi

In the StudioSwedish artist Ilja Karilampi guides us to the Gothenburg neighbourhood that used to be his home for nearly two decades.


Anna Uddenberg

In the StudioWe met with young artist Anna Uddenberg in her hazy Stockholm studio to talk about effortlessness, spam, and the importanceof staying in the studio.


Hanna Ljungh

In the Studio"We live in a culture where death doesn’t really exist." We went to artist Hanna Ljungh's studio in Stockholm to talk about life and death and everything in between.


Max Ronnersjö

In the Studio"The earth and nature are just like giant computers." We met with young, hybrid artist Max Ronnersjö to talk about collaborations, Wikipedia, and dead magpies.


Fredrik Paulsen

In the Studio"Things that are somewhat un-designed often turn outto be the best". We met with designer Fredrik Paulsento discuss playfulness, pragmatism, and politics.

Cajsa von Zeipel

In the Studio"The objectification that you are exposedto as a young girl is somewhat similar tothe objectification of a work of art."We've met with Stockholm sculptorCajsa von Zeipel.