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Radar portfolio: Almagul Menlibayeva

Arts / PortfolioSet in the barren landscape of Kazakhstan, Almagul Menlibayeva’s perfectly staged photographs and video works are vibrant depictions of a country searching for the roots of its social identity.

Radar Portfolio: Daniel Hofer

PortfolioFrom German coal miners to Nepalese school boys, photographer Daniel Hofer manages to bring out the brightest and most poignant nuances of life.


Radar Portfolio: Ina Niehoff

PortfolioWith an eye for striking compositions and everyday curiosities, German photographer Ina Niehoff captures the traces we leave in our surroundings, as well as the beauty of nature itself.

Radar Portfolio: Peter Hoffman

PortfolioWorking in a multitude of styles and expressions, Chicago photographer Peter Hoffman views his works a an attempt to reconcile being overwhelmed by both the beauty and the problems of life.


Radar Portfolio: Ying Ang

PortfolioIn her intriguing series Gold Coast, Australian photographer Ying Ang captures the contradictory nature of Australia's crime-ridden golden coast.

Radar Portfolio: Hugo Hedberg

PortfolioCalmly observing the world through his smartphone, young Stockholm artist Hugo Hedberg manages to seize the most striking scenes of human behaviour in his everyday surroundings.


Radar Portfolio: Zhang Xiao

PortfolioWith an eye for the eccentricitiesof human behaviour, Chinese photographerZhang Xiao captures the surrealism and illusion of real life.


Radar Portfolio: Isolde Woudstra

PortfolioDescribing her work as a horse galloping on a tomato, Dutch photographer Isolde Woudstra aims to create images that seem just as possible as unlikely.

Radar Portfolio: Clayton Cotterell

Portfolio"I am recognizing and allowing for spontaneous encounters of light, color, and form". Photographer Clayton Cotterell seeks to capture naturally occurring abstractions.



Radar Portfolio: Liza Mandelup

PortfolioDriven by experience and wanderlust, New York based photographer and filmmaker Liza Mandelup follows her instincts and intuitions, wherever they make take her.

Radar Portfolio: Johan Bergström

PortfolioIn his series Pagan Postcards, Swedish photographer Johan Bergström juxtaposes stunning natural scenery with the unsettling sense of approaching disaster.