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Menke skapar magi

interview / MusicAtt vara unik i en bransch av miljontals röster är ungefär som att söka vatten i Sahara. Ibland händer det …




Inför Gather: Gidge

interview / MusicUmeå-duon Gidge har sedan 2014 trollbundit oss med sin mystiska musik, djupt influerad av naturen. Gidge, som består av Jonatan Nilsson …



interviewKMODI is a Stockholm-based DJ trio consisting of Kou, Mofidy and Dïla. They’ve been spinning tunes together since 2014 and …



Ikhana – Zebrelli

interview / MusicIkhana, the Gothenburg-based artist we’ve previously written about, just released her debut album Zebrelli. We couldn’t keep ourselves from asking …









Heartbreaks and Hell

interview / Music The Stockholm based musician Alma has just released here first single “Wicked”. For the video she teamed up with Nim Sundström …


Under the Radar: AnnaMelina

interviewCatharsis—by definition—is release; Katarsis, however, is a release that defies definition. Katarsis—the latest EP from Stockholm’s AnnaMelina—is subtle purification that …



Dante: Stockholm har blivit kallt

interview / MusicPreviously featured artist Dante recently released a new song together with Swedish charity organisation, Stockholms Stadsmission, with a clever deeper cause. Dante’s song is a new …


Pre Way Out West: Maja Francis

interviewMaja Francis is working on getting her paper flower decorations down to Gothenburg without breaking them. We had a quick chat with the singer about the upcoming gig at Way Out West, and more.

Pre Way Out West: Say Lou Lou

interviewExpect a "more rave-y" gig than usual from Say Lou Lou at Way Out West this coming weekend. We caught up with the duo right before their gig at Skansen in Stockholm.


Pre Gagnef: Sabina Ddumba

interviewSabina Ddumba will enter Gagnef's very own amphitheatre tomorrow at the Swedish festival. We had a quick talk with the singer about her gig, the upcoming album – and the fact that she's a real badkruka.

Pre Gagnef: Madi Banja

interviewWe had a quick chat with Madi Banja about his upcoming gig at Gagnef (and about his and Lorentz' thing for singing about drinks).



“Life isn’t just sun and beer and happiness”

interviewLinus Lutti, a.k.a. Little Children, just released a new song from his upcoming EP. We met up with the musician, trained therapist and part time bartender to talk about self-awareness, crazy popular fan videos and not being able to write happy songs.

A Superstar in Exile

interview / MusicToday is the release of Nadya's new single Superstars. She released her debut single Refugee in September and a lot has happened since then. Radar met with her to talk about the new single, inspiration and living in a world full of errors.


From Miss Relli to Aurelia Dey

interview / MusicSinger Aurelia Dey is releasing her debut album Gyllene Tider today. She started out as Miss Relli in 2012 when she released her hit single Lovies. Today Dey is also a part of Femtastic and terms her sound as Afro Pop, a combination of dancehall, reggae, hip hop and afro beats. Radar had a chat with her abut feminism, change and the new album.

Hey Elbow – a trio of experimentation

interviewHey Elbow's music has caught the attention of both Swedish and international music blogs and listeners. Radar met up with a third of the trio to talk about the debut album, the sound of escalators and the band's quite original instrument choices (like chimes, kalimba, harmonium and flugelhorn).


“I want to write about loosing our nature”

interviewOne of Norway’s strongest voices Susanne Sundfør is performing tonight at Kägelbanan in Stockholm. Radar met up with her a while back to talk about the new record and what’s up next (a complete EP about climate change, it turns out).


Pre Grammys: Sabina Ddumba

interview / MusicTomorrow night singer Sabina Ddumba is performing her new single Effortless at the Swedish Grammys. Radar met up with her on her 21st birthday to talk about the Grammys and how to handle stress.

Pre Grammys: Beatrice Eli

interviewBeatrice Eli definitely made a mark on 2014. Proof of that is not only her amazing debut album Die Another Day, but also her nominations for Best Pop and Best New Artist at the Swedish Grammy Awards. Radar had a quick chat with the singer.

Pre Sónar: Bella Boo

interview / MusicThis Saturday Swedish DJ Bella Boo will be playing at the Sónar festival in Stockholm. Radar met up with her to talk about Sónar and what's next on her agenda.


100 SONGS is all about the singles

interview100 SONGS has embarked on a new chapter – celebrating 100 released songs and with big plans for 2015. Radar checked in with the record company to hear more about the singles only-project.

From homeless to hyped – the story of XOV

interviewRipped off by his friends, bankrupt and alone – that was XOV's life a few years back. Today he's a one of the most interesting new Swedish artists, with an EP just out and an amazing story to tell.



Adam Kanyama

interview"By changing myself, I hope to change the world." We spoke with young rapper Adam Kanyama about social injustices, Tupac, and soul searching.

Mariam the Believer

interviewWith her deep, soulful vocals and spellbinding soundscapes, Mariam the Believer has captivated listeners across the world.

I Break Horses

interviewThe complex synergy between happiness and sorrow, light and dark, forms the core of I Break Horses’ second achievement Chiaroscuro. We caught up with band member Maria Lindén.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

interviewWith his newly released Dreamzone EP, musician, producer, and part-time tram driver Jaakko Eino Kalevi finally broughthis experimental psychedelic pop musicto the world.




interview"I always just live in the moment, I never think about the future". We met with British wonder child Birdy.

Tova Wellton

interviewBorn in Stockholm and based in London, Tova Wellton is the new queen of beats.We caught up with the young producerto discuss inspiration, equality, and her upcoming debut EP.


interviewWe met with emerging artist Sirena to find out more about her latest single and how water has had an influence on her music.


interviewWe met with Steve Garrigan and Mark Prendergast of Dublin band Kodaline to find out where they want to be in ten years time and which celebrity they rather read bedtime stories with.

The 1975

interviewWe met with Matt Healy of Manchesterband The 1975 to talk about indulgence,the mathematics of pop, and his idea ofthe perfect song.

Deap Vally

interviewWe met with Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards of Los Angeles rock duo Deap Vally to talk about knitting, style, and living on a tour bus.

Wild at Heart

interviewWe met with Li Stanley and Erik Lindestad of duo Wild at Heart to find out how it all began, why they are working so slowly, and whether they stole their name from David Lynch.



interviewWe've met with the American folk rock singer Lissie to talk about the aim of her music, her Scandinavian ancestry, and Bruce Springsteen.

The Jezabels

interviewWe caught up with Hayley Mary of Australian indie band The Jezabels to talk about supporting legends, and upcoming album The Brink.

Jay-Jay Johanson

interviewSeamlessly moving between genres and soundscapes, Jay-Jay Johanson is Sweden’s most unknown superstar. We've met him.

Tom Odell

interviewWe've met with bright young talent Tom Odell to talk about life, death, and religion.

The Naked and Famous

interviewTheir debut earned New Zealand band The Naked and Famous a number of prestigious nominations and awards. Now it’s time for their second album In Rolling Waves to take the world by storm. In Stockholm for a show at Debaser, we catch up with band members Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith.

The Embassy

interviewOver a decade has past since the rise of The Embassy. We ask the godfathers of Swedish indie-pop if the end is near.