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Under the Radar: Laura Wolfie

Under the RadarLondon-based Laura Wolfie recently followed up her song reflections with the debut EP 7DS. The 21-year old's version of The Seven Deadly Sins has a clear resemblance to hip hop and R&B and inspiration has been drawn from artists such as A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean and Jhene Aiko. She shared with us what makes her laugh and her latest discover.




Under the Radar: John Martin

Under the RadarNow, singer and producer John Martin takes the stage on his own with the release of his Anywhere For You debut single. Here he shares his hidden talent and what makes him laugh.

Under the Radar: Tove Lo

Under the RadarSince the release of last year's Habits single, Swedish artist Tove Lo has distinguished herself as one of Scandinavia’s most distinctive pop voices. With her Truth Serum EP out today, we decided to pick her brains.


Under the Radar: Duncan Cooper

Under the RadarNew York based writer and producer Duncan Cooper presents an innovative take on Radar questionnaire Under the Radar, showing that a picture is worth a thousand words.




Under the Radar: Adele Kosman

Under the RadarOne half of drugbeat duo For BDK, Adele Kosman is a rising star on the Swedish pop scene. This week she will perform at Stockholm art school Konstfack, and we decided to put her under the radar.

Under the Radar: Merely

Under the RadarOther than making the most magic and ethereal music under her own name, Merely is also part of indescribable Swedish trio Team Rockit. With a debut album coming up, we decided to put the emerging artist under the radar.


Under the Radar: Jesper Dahl

Under the RadarWith a BBA in Design Management from Parsons New York and a passion for art, music, and fashion, Jesper Dahl is currently a part of Fashion Networks Europe. We decided to put him under the radar.

Under the Radar: Maiken Winther

Under the RadarWorking in fashion for more than ten years, NOUVELLE blogger and Costume fashion director Maiken Winther has done most things within the business. We put her under the radar.

Under the Radar: Christoph Schaller

Under the RadarDividing his time between Munich and London, young German photographer Christoph Schaller is regularly featured in in magazines, online platforms, music videos, and fashion films. We put him under the radar.


Under the Radar: Juule Kay

Under the RadarUnder the Radar is Radar Magazine's brand new, weekly questionnaire aiming to reveal the tastes and thoughts of the taker. First out is twenty-year-old daydreamer, moonchild, and blogger Juule Kay.