Landed in grey, dark, cold, stressed Stockholm again on wednesday night.

Wen’t straight back to working.

On Thursday me and Andreas Utterström tagged along AIK during one of their workouts for a reportage about training for Café Magazine.

Some blurred work in progress screenshots.

Skärmavbild 2013-01-31 kl. 17.24.12_blur

And today I’ve done covershoots for two magazines.

First I met up with Nermina Lukač – the star of the priced Äta Sova Dö – in Humlegården to do some portraits in the sun. This movie was one of the most priced at this years Guldbaggegala.

Skärmavbild 2013-02-02 kl. 00.50.21_blur

Then me Malin, Fanny and Elva met up with Ebba Hultkvist at a real nice cafe called Citykyrkans Kafé in central Stockholm to take portraits for a magazine-cover.

Photo 2013-02-01 18 39 04

Photo 2013-02-01 18 39 28

I almost always like to work without flashes and use the available light so that i can use a large aperture to get real short depth of field in the photos. It’s more poetic that way i think. This lamp is a daylight-lamp that just lightens everything up but still let’s me keep the light from all the other lightsources in the room, that normally are cut off from the exposure when you’re shooting with flashes.

Some blurred work in progress screenshots.

Skärmavbild 2013-02-02 kl. 00.53.46_blur

So the week has been short but busy!

Although I was really jetlagged I still felt the urge to go out and meet some friends for  a couple of beers thursday night. So I met up with Anna and headed for “Berghs Bar-night”. One of my friends studies project management at Bergs School Of Communication and her class was responsible for this weeks event, they had the theme “Bootleggers” and were all nicely dressed up in 20s-inspired outfits. Nice!

This was their poster, with Frida on it.




Photo 2013-01-31 21 18 26

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