DEPARMENT 2018: Radar interviews Kornél Kovács

Tomorrow the time has finally come for Department, the Stockholm-based music and arts festival with electronic music at the heart. Since February we have, in collaboration with Department, done various interviews and articles. It is now time for a final chat. Last but not least: Kornél Kovács. For the past seven years he has been busy rocking dance-floors and boomboxes worldwide as one third of Stockholm’s Studio Barnhus alongside Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist, but he has also had a lot of gigs himself. Tomorrow he will be the opening act the festival, and we had the chance to ask a few questions.

Hello Kornél! You are/have been somewhat of a music journalist. Can you tell us something about that? 
– While this is true, I’d like to reiterate that this was in the 00’s, a different age with different customs. I was an ignorant child of the times but have since developed and matured as a human being and today strongly oppose all forms of music journalism.
And can you tell us something about your debut album ”The Bells”?
– I really hope I can make a better one.
Where/when did your interest for music start?
– When I was very young, through being exposed to a lot of music, mainly thanks to my parents.
What came first: DJ’ing or producing?
– I’ve done or at least thought of both for more or less as long but I dj’d professionally a long time before releasing my first record.

Do you have any interesting projects going on right now?
– Just lots of stuff! Working on our biggest release and show project so far with Axel and Petter and the Studio Barnhus team.
Have you heard any new artist lately that you’ve liked in particular?
– Yeah, I like that Jimothy Lacoste!
Which set at Department festival (aside from yours!) are you looking most forward to?
– Baba Stiltz, that guy just rocks my pops.
What kind of set can we expect from you on Saturday?
– An opening one!

You can listen to Kornél here.

There’s still some tickets left, make sure to get the last ones here. It will sure be some good dancing!