On this page we write about upcoming and previous events that we've hosted with friends and partners.


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The Guinness Collection

Tillsammans med Radar lanseras Guinness Collection — ett sponsrat samarbete med Guinness där varumärket låtit tre svenska konstnärer tolka ölets …

Radar Mono & Pabst

Radar is proud to present the launch of the new booking agency MONO. Together we’re throwing a party with some of their most interesting artists to celebrate their birth.

Radar & Grolsch

This coming Wednesday Radar Magazine has the pleasure of inviting you to a showcase at Södra Teatern together with our friends at Grolsch.

Way Out West Pre Party

Summer is right around the corner… Or at least we're getting closer. To remind us of those long gone festival days, Luger and Universal are throwing a Way Out West pre party next week and we're giving away a few exclusive spots.


100 SONGS have finally reached 100 single releases. Next week the record label and Radar Magazine celebrate these 100 songs with performances by Miriam Bryant, Nuoli, Nadia Nair and many more.


On January 21st, the hybrid art project Kobolt releases it’s fifth issue of Kobolt Magazine at Lydmar Hotel. The evening’s event will promote young contemporary art and culture.


Last Friday it was finally time for Way Out Warner to take us all by storm for the third year in a row. Radar Magazine got hold of some pictures of the festivities out at sea.

Lounges Backstage Saturday

This year Radar Magazine will take part in Lounges Backstage Day Party on Saturday together with Saurabh Sinha, Damon Rasti and Eija Skarsgård. The event takes off at 12:00 and is followed by a party inside Lounges during the evening.

For BDK @ Taverna Brillo

This Thursday, joined forces with drugbeat duo For BDK to celebrate the release of the video accompanying their brand new single What I Must Find.