Alice Fine

An artistic core that spins furiously at the heart of the brand, Alice Fine looks set to blur the lines between art and fashion with sheer finesse. In an exclusive and stunningly beautiful editorial, stylist Bella Williams and photographer Nima Elm interprets their timeless design.

Alice Fine is a Stockholm based company started up in 2010. The key designer behind the brand, Karin Bjurström, seems considered in both her approach to design, but also to the branding that envelops her creations. The name Alice Fine, came to Karin Bjurström from a story of travelers communicating by the name ‘Alice Fine’ as code. Telephoning was a less affordable means of communicating back then and so when the operator called saying there was a collect call from ‘Miss Alice Fine’ they could refuse it, knowing All Is Fine. The name remained open enough for Karin Bjurström to play on its anonymity and fill it with her distinctive identity as a designer. As word gets out, Alice Fine is becoming something an increasing number of people want to buy into. Her current collection is by no means understated, but more considered and inviting.

Timeless in its devotion
to form and tone

In perfect geometric lux, Alice Fine plays with the square with the maturity of a brand that could have been well established for a decade, but with a youthful design edge shining forward in their freedom to move between textures and transparencies. The monochrome palette shifts between subtle tones with grace, maintaining a calm when falling soft against the female form setting up greater impact for the geometric top layers and angular sections. Paneling slices through the garments like shadows, creating atmosphere and dimension, thoughtfully in tandem with materials chosen for their sustainable qualities through use of tencel, hemp and organic or recycled cotton fibers.

An evocative collection, this will shift through the years with ease, timeless in its devotion to form and tone.

Lucy Goodwin

Photographer: Nima Elm
Fashion Director: Bella Williams

Makeup Artist: Martina Wåård
Hair Stylist: Lisa Sandström
Model: Helena E, Mikas
Words: Lucy Goodwin
Fashion & Accessories: Alice Fine SS13 & AW13
Shoes: Vagabond