Chic Gala Through The Eyes Of STHLM Style Stories

Last week saw the fifth edition of the Chic Gala at Berns in Stockholm. Celebrating the chicest and most stylish personalities within the Swedish fashion scene, the gala was filled to the brim with extravagant and elegant attendees. This is what Evelina Nässén from STHLM Style Stories saw through her Polaroid camera.

Arranged by online magazine Chich, the gala celebrates this year’s chicest personalities from the worlds of fashion, music, art, and media. Among these year’s winners were artist and designer Rebecca Stella Simonsson, rising soul star Kim Cesarion, and photographer Clara Hallencreutz. When stylist, designer, and Radar blogger Evelina Nässén attended the gala she brought her new Polaroid camera, capturing some of the gala’s most extravagant guests. Rebecca Stella Simonsson, dressed in an ostrich feather bikini from Ida Sjöstedt, stylist Josef Forselius, hat designer Malinda Damgaard, and make up artist Elva Ahlbin, wearing her own exquisite hat creation, were some of those who were caught by Evelina’s camera. As well as Evelina herself, in a photo taken y Malinda Damgaard.

Photos by Evelina Nässén. Follow STHLM Style Stories’ blog under Radar Magazine here.

Rebecca Stella Simonsson.
Malinda Damgaard and Josef Forselius.
Elva Ahlbin.
Maja Engström.
Evelina Nässén.