Cornelia Webb

With her exquisitely intriguing jewellery, Cornelia Webb is doubtless one of the most interesting designers in Sweden right now. We caught up with her before her SS14 show earlier this week, to talk about about inspirations and ideal wearers.

I became interested in jewellery design in 2004, when I was in medical school in Stockholm, Cornelia says. I needed stimulation, just studying didn’t satisfy me at that time. In jewellery design I found a way to express my fascination of the anatomy in an creative manner. That’s why I started creating body jewellery – decorating parts of the body. It was a way of working with physics in another way than you do as a doctor.

Where do you find inspirations and influences for your design?
– A lot of it comes from that fascination of the body, molding jewellery directly on the skin and the body, creating jewellery with the body, as well as around it. I always find myself inspired when playing with new materials, so I try to let go of all the musts and shoulds and just have fun. I also get a lot of influences from travelling, something that’s probably much clearer in this collection than in previous ones, with the deep sea and water as the main sources of inspiration.

Who is your ideal wearer?
– Everyone is. I get a kick out of finding the right piece for the right person, and it’s usually not the one you had expected it to be. Jewellery is something very intimate, and it says a lot about its wearer. I always have my self and my close friends in mind when I design, I create what I want to wear.

I’ve been inspired by the treasures of the underwater world

Cornelia Webb’s collection for SS14 is inspired by the world beneath the surface of the ocean. The oceanic living creatures inspired her to create exquisite jewellery embellished with treasures from the underwater world.

– I’ve been inspired by the treasures of the underwater world, says Cornelia. My SS14 collection is called BENEATH THE SURFACE. I’ve created designs molded from corals, seahorses, and shells. The collection captures the essence of summer with jewellery encrusted with mother of pearl in oceanic blues. I’m always working with enviro-conscious concepts that embrace the nature. For this collection I’ve used findings from the seaside together with repurposed metal, to be at one with the earth.

See some images from Cornelia Webb’s SS14 collection above. Photos by Fredrik Wannerstedt.