Dominik Tarabanski

A visual dialogue between body, fabric, and form. That’s how photographer Dominik Tarabanski describes his simple, yet playful editorial, exclusively for Radar Magazine.

Born in Poland and based in New York, fashion photographer Dominik Tarabanski has created a niche of his own in the borderland between fashion and art. With an incredible eye for sculptural shapes and striking compositions, his works are an intriguing juxtaposition of body, fabric, and form. We have the honour of presenting his editorial Untitled, a simple, yet playful editorial, where the simple settings and sculptural shapes of the bodies are contrasted with bold colours and patterns. We decided to ask Dominik some questions in order to get to know him better.

When did you become interested in fashion photography?
– It’s difficult to point out exactly when and why I became interested in fashion photography, Dominik says. But for sure my girlfriend played an important part in it. I learnt a lot about fashion from of her. At the beginning and i just like many little things strictly connected to fashion art. fields in visual layer. Finally i realized that fashion is present everywhere, all the time. Even if you want to dissociate yourself from it, that’s also a kind of fashion statement.

Where do you find inspirations?
– It can be anything, anywhere. It can be a song I hear in the line in the grocery store, or a simple movement. It starts with something small that I later on build a concept around before I set about taking pictures.

What do you have in mind for the future?
– I will continue to explore the world of visual arts. I will also collaborate more with my girlfriend, who’s also working as a photographer. We’re thinking about starting a magazine of our own one day.

What can you tell us about your editorial Untitled?
– It’s just another visual dialog between body, fabric and form.

See more of Dominik Tarabanski’s work here.

Photographer: Dominik Tarabanski
Art director: Dominik Tarabanski
Model: Tamara Subbotko, D’Vision
Fashion: Iwona Łęczycka, Fuck Fashion
Make up: Polcia Dzwigała
Hair: Sandra Kpodonou
Scenographer: Milena Raczkowska-Kokot
Photographer assistant: Filip Zwierzchowski, Daylight Studio