With her exceptional collection Dreamwards, emerging designer Alina Brane has explores a sense of enclosing claustrophobia. Stunningly beautiful, it hints at something deeply human and slightly unsettling. Here it has been strikingly captured by photographer Pauline Suzor.

–My graduation collection Dreamwards is dealing with thoughts of membranes, protective shells, and enclosing claustrophobia in relation to the body, Alina says about her work. It has it’s origin in a self experienced feeling, and is in that sense a sort of textile self portrait. I have been inspired by, and worked closely to the images of fetuses in the series A Child is Born by Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson, and experimented with ideas of weightlessness, fragility, scale, space, and transparency in my choice and elaboration of fabrics, techniques, and volumes.

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Photos by Pauline Suzor. See more of Pauline’s works in her blog STHLM Style Stories.