Emma Lindqvist

Emma Lindqvist might well be one of the brightest young talents emerging in the Swedish fashion scene right now. With innovative techniques and striking visual effects, she presents a whole new take on prints and patterns. Something that has given her not just one, but two prestigious awards.

With her exquisitely experimental, yet soberly stylish graduation collection, Swedish School of Textiles graduate Emma Lindqvist presents a whole new take on prints and patterns. By experimenting with techniques and visual effects, she has innovated the way in which printing can be interacted in the design process. The result is a collection of soberly kaleidoscopic patterns, brought out by the sheer layers and soft silhouettes of the garments.

– My collection is completely based on screen printing, and all the garments and shoes have been printed by hand, Emma says. I was inspired by the process of preparing a photograph to be printed, how you use colour separation and half toning to bring out the different layers in the picture. In my research I was mostly looking into graphic design and the effects of the printing process.

– My main focus has been to create striking and expressive prints that comes to life with the movements of the body, Emma says. I decided to work with the prints first, and then let them lead into garments. During the process I tried all different kinds of printing techniques, but I realised early on that working with screen prints alone would generate more than enough material for a whole collection.

– As I see it, prints are frequently used within fashion designers, but almost always in the same way. It tends to be something that you add on to an already finished garment, to make it more exciting. I hope that my collection shows what an extraordinary technique that printing really is, and how much potential that comes with it.

I hope that my collection shows what an extraordinary technique that printing really is, and how much potential that comes with it

During the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm, Emma showed her graduation collection together with her fellow students from Swedish School of Textiles. As the main sponsor of the show, Swedish fashion brand Lindex announced Emma as the first time winner of their newly instituted award, given to the student with the best design idea and collection. Just a few weeks later, Emma was also selected as the winner of fashion design platform MUUSE and digital magazine N DEGREE’s award for emerging design talents.

– It’s amazing to be able to reach out to such a big audience, Emma says. I think the biggest challenge for young independent designers is to reach out to the public and make them interested in what’s happening outside of the big commercial companies. There will always be a commercial side to fashion, but it’s important to keep the experimental and more creative side alive. To understand that there is difference between what you want to wear and what you can appreciate and find interesting on a runway.

Emma pan

As a part of winning the Lindex and MUUSE x N DEGREE awards, Emma is given the opportunity to design a collection for both Lindex and MUUSE, respectively.

– The collection for Lindex will be based on my graduation collection. I will use a lot of prints and shapes from the finished collection, but I will of course rework it in order to be produced in a factory and worn off the runway. I started working with the collection this week, and it will be in stores by the end of January nest year.

– My collaboration with MUUSE will be a collection for spring summer 2015. I will start working with it in January, and as it look now it will be a continuation of my work with the interaction between prints and garments.

What happens next? 
– I will continue with the Master’s program at the Swedish School of Textiles, where I hope to further develop the techniques I found during the work with my graduation project. But first we will make the last stop on our graduation show tour at London Fashion Week!

See photos of Emma Lindqvist’s graduation collection above.