Erik Bjerkesjö SS15 at Fashion Week Stockholm

Erik Bjerkesjö creates clothing for men, with lots of focus on carefully handmade footwear. His vision is to elaborate elegant and thoughtful design that is innovative. Each collection is manually produced by the designer himself together with experienced craftsmen in Tuscany, Italy.

The last day of fashion week; Well, you could definitely feel it was leading to an end. People were quite tired, had loss of energy and some were a bit hung over from the Cheap Monday’s 10th anniversary party the night before. But Erik Bjerkesjö was the last show held at Berns on Fashion week; and he shook us alive further again with his dramatic show that left us incredibly touched. Here is my summary of the show.

The melodies of a lively violin together with heavy drum-beats are echoing when we arrive to the location of the show, there are a couple of anonymous guys standing on a scene playing different instruments, hiding their faces wearing balaclavas. The music gets more and more dramatic changing its shape and I’m asking whose playing but nobody actually knows.

The collection is called Storm Within and every garment is breathable and designed for the weather on Gotland, the island in the Baltic Sea where Erik is from. It represent a simplistic audiovisual interpretation of one’s life, with all its ups and downs, where every dot represents a memory, a path or a choice that affects each and every moment of our being and makes us who we are and will be.

“Deciding our fate exactly as it is from infinite possibilities, which will eventually lead us to nothing more than one specific ending – Erik Bjerkesjö”

Blood red splashed shirts and coats, layers on layers and elegant suits accompanied with scuba diving materials, bathing caps and swimming goggles makes it all very interesting. The color goes in crispy silver, bloody red and deep black. The collection is well dressed and elegant, it’s pure art.

White stripes under the models eyes and hair drawn back in a wet look, styled by Linda Shalabi and LinkDetails. The theme and red thread sort of becomes so obvious and complete.

The post rock explodes in the final and the models are marching out for the last time; totally soaked in water.

We once again see that fashion and music goes hand in hand, every little part is important for creating the wholeness.

And Erik definitely succeeded in reaching our hearts.



Photography by Kristian Löveborg