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Från Ö till A

This weekend saw the opening of Örjan Andersson’s brand new fashion concept store Från Ö till A in Stockholm. We exchanged a few words with the Swedish denim ace about mixing his own label with a selection of international designers, young rookies, and second hand.

For the former Weekday founder Örjan Andersson, presentation is just as important as the garments. The ambition is to expose brands in a personal, different, and slightly backwards manner, hence the name Från Ö till A. The team behind the store concept includes architects Aron Heineman and Sahara Widoff, stylist Naomi Itkes, while the exterior was deigned by Svart and the logo by Marie Häger and Lisa Rydell. Örjan’s vision is one of shopping as exploration, and at Från Ö till A the customers will be presented with a mixture of international designers, young rookies, and second hand. The store will be the first one in Stockholm to offer London based designers Marques/Almeida and Ashley Williams, as well as the French brand Surface to Air, in addition to domestic brands such as Acne, AltewaiSaome, and Cornelia Webb.

– Combining established brands with young new designers is important to me, it’s a cornerstone in the concept, says Örjan Andersson who takes Radar back to the beginning.

– I did my internship at a jeans and fashion chain in the early nineties and got hooked instantly. I suppose that once I had found something that really took hold of me, I was eager to stick to it, explore it, and expand it.

My philosophy and attitude towards fashion is that it should be playful

Could you tell us more about your thoughts behind the store concept?
– The name is of course my initials, but also the last and first letter of the Swedish alphabet. To me this signifies that you can do stuff backwards if it feels good. My philosophy and attitude towards fashion is that it should be playful. I mix brands such as AltewaiSaome and 5Preview with new designers that I feel for, as well as with second hand. There will also be some cultural projects.

Why Stockholm?
– Actually there are not many independent stores here. I think it’s important with alternatives to all the big chains.

What about the exploration part of the store concept?
– It’s present in the product mix, but also in the look of the store that changes as you pass through it. Some areas are a bit harder to find than others, and you might even have trouble finding your way out of the store.

In what ways will the architecture express the the concept of the store?
– Exactly. The playfulness of being on an expedition in the store will connect architecture, product selection, and the concept itself. Naturally, I hope that we will have a lot of satisfied customers who enjoyed their visiti to Från Ö till A.

Finally, the core of both Weekday and your brand Örjan Andersson has been jeans. What’s your relation to jeans today?
– Oh, I’m wearing jeans every day. It’s my favorite garment.

 See some photos from Från Ö till A above. Photos by Daniel Söderstedt.