Hernández Cornet

Taking inspiration from the world of P-funk, Hernández Cornet’s AW14 collection is a study of the neat and the spaced out. We met with designer Ana Hernández during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm to learn more.

Softly tailored suits in brocade and embossed lycra are combined with printed tees and hooded jackets. Drapey dresses and belted shirts in silk and cotton are worn over trousers and flared tights. The collection that Swedish brand Hernández Cornet presented for AW14 can be described as science fiction funk aesthetics and bright colours applied to composed silhouettes and sharp fabrics.

Tell me about the inspiration behind the collection.
– I found my inspiration within the aesthetics of P-funk and it’s music. At first, I actually had a hard time accepting it, but by translating it into a collection it became more colourful and extrovert than previous collections. I didn’t have to search for inspiration; it just came to me. Usually that’s either because I love it or because I hate it.

You chose a quote for the collection – “Once you get up and plant the seed, you have to see if it grows, but you can’t just wait around, you have to water it and take care of it…” What does it mean?
– It’s a Bootsy Collins quote and I see a lot of humor in it. It’s spaced out and muddled, which reflects the collection with accuracy.


Tell me more about the colours and fabrics used for the collection.
– The colours derive from the inspiration I took from the funk music scene, and I decided to use a very masculine range of colours such as brown, yellow, green, and some silver.

– Fabrics range from leather, silk blends, and technical lycra, to shiny chiffon and stiff cotton. I really enjoy working with both expensive and cheap fabrics to create amusing contrasts.

Describe the collection with three words.
– I would say two words: Too funky. 

Do you have a favorite look or piece from the collection?
– The collection is quite small and I think that all the looks are necessary. I really like the suits, they feel very homogenous and I enjoy the working process behind them.

What does your nearest future look like?
– Since the start, the brand has developed and moved into a stronger expression and design vision. So for now, the goal is to keep that and continue to grow and broaden the brand.

See some photographs from the Hernández Cornet show above. Photography by Victoria Stillwell.