by Sofia Lindberg
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Holger Bags and Johan Tunebjer

Holger is the name of the Swedish accessory brand founded by Johan Tunebjer in 2013. The brand is currently producing hi-tech handmade bags in modern retro styles with timeless spirits.

The inspiration arose after Johan found a couple of suitcases in his grandfather’s idyllic attic, containing old valuable memories and remains from different journeys and life adventures. With that he came up with the thought of creating a suitcase-look-alike bag that could fit any occasion and style as a honor to his grandfather, Holger.

– I wanted to create bags that could age over time, retelling stories from different encounters and adventures. I wanted to create and to revitalize something new from those old suitcases, something with personality and soul, Johan Tunebjer tells us.

The idea took some time for Johan to come up with, before this he was working as a photographer which he still works with occasionally. “Some people just find their true path instantly and for some it takes time getting there. When I came up with this idea it was immediately clear to me that it was my true path”.



On Thursday he will host a party for his brand at Bernies in Stockholm, with special invites and guests. I asked him a bit about it and why he’s hosting it.

What sort of party is it?
– It’s a special little party that will be held for all the nice people and friends around me, that has been positive and has been so involved in the making of my brand. We will celebrate that Holger actually exist today and also the fact that it has expanded so incredibly fast, being available to buy in so many stores and countries. As refreshment we’ll serve a little Aperol Spritz drink with inspiration from a trip I did this year with a friend of mine, dreaming back to that and to summer forgetting about autumn for a while.

What people have you invited?
– I’ve chosen guests a bit on a hunch, people that have been involved with Holger and above all, my friends; they’re my little protectors along the journey. I love to bring people together, to create a nice social atmosphere where people have a good time and maybe find new friends. That’s also what Holger stands for; linking people together.  Maybe someone falls in love at my party, who knows? He laughs. But that’s the kind of mood I want the party to radiate – Love and energy.


Photography by: Sofia Lindberg

The party will be hosted Thursday 23 October at Bernies in Stockholm with special guests.

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