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Hunkydory SS15 at Fashion Week Stockholm

First out this season of Fashion Week Stockholm is nonetheless than honoured Hunkydory. The bohemian, military inspired brand born in Paris that the Scandinavian minimalists love.

When the now couple Ulrika and Christopher Bjercke meet studying at design school Esmod in Paris 1996, they had the ambition to be where they are today. Already the first collection made ​​their way away from the Swedish, black, minimalist tradition, and showed a more personal relaxed style. Over time, the military influences come into the design and today the military influence is one of Hunkydorys signature style with a mix of rock-chic and bohemian-chic. Radar meet them after their SS15 show to ask them some questions.

How do you feel about being the first ones out at SS15 Fashion Week Stockholm?

Ulrika: I feel that it is a huge honor, and its feels really good to be the start of this week.

Dreaming is very empowering, so i have always been a dreamer – Ulrika Bjercke

Could you two imagine when you started design school in Paris that you would end up where you are today, with a respectful international brand?

Christopher: No, but somewhere there was ambition for that one day be where we are today. You always hope to become great haha.

U: Dreaming is very empowering, so i have always been a dreamer.

Hunkydorys’ characterized and statement is the mix of rock-chic and bohemian-chic design that looks very relaxed and comfortable but at the same time with a strong fresh attitude. The name Hunkydory leaves up to its meaning ‘’that everything is calm and relaxed’’ influenced in a David Bowie song. Except for the comfortable look, you could almost feel the French-vibe in the clothes, that if it’s something they have to remind them of their past.

”The company’s philosophy of “always looking for new ideas, ever-changing and a stable grip on the red thread” is crucial in the process of creating the typical style of a Hunkydory product.”

Do you have any advice for young fashion designers who want to be where you and the brand are today?

C: I have been designing for so long so I have probably plenty of advice to give.

U: Consistency and clear, to look ahead and try to take inspiration from what’s happening around the world.

This season Hunkydory is into the blues as the sea blue information paper which is placed on my seat describes. Blue tones, from the sky to the ocean, an addition of feminine touches with army and leather details. Aswell as the reccurent military green and see-through white pieces. The sillhoutte is a reminder of Hunkydory with bohemian blouses, see-through, cargo trousers and oversize. With strong pieces that gets the eye to react and admire the work.

At Radar we are always interested in the music, and at your SS15 show it was incredible music, and the show starts at a large heartbeat, how do you choose the music?

– C: You think about the mood you want, what goes together in the big picture that wraps the entire atmosphere.. the clothes and the music.

Which song was it?

C: The collection is a symbiosis of different garments and styles,just like the different tones creates music. We have chosen different songs and mixed them together, it was all from Lykke Li to the album Ultraviolence and others.

Which garments in the collection do you think best captures and summarizes the entire summer spring collection?

– It’s hard to do, like taking a word out of context.

Hunkydory keeps surprising the audience every season with something new but they never forget who they are and what they stand for, and as the blue paper says ‘’Look forward to a carefree and relaxed summer of clear blue skies’’.

Photography by Clara Uddman