Ida Klamborn SS15 at Fashion Week Stockholm

Ida Klamborn shows that fashion is much more than clothes; it’s an expression, a statement and was worth finishing this season’s Fashion Week Stockholm.

Ida Klamborns debut in the fashion world made ​​a strong impression. While displaying the AW14 with a live performance of Silvana Imam, she was just graduated from The Swedish School of Textiles but determined to make an impression, not only with their clothes, but also politically. Nonetheless If that wasn’t enough she had won the award for Best Newcomer at the Elle gala just a week earlier.

Besides her solid education from The Swedish School of Textiles, Ida has overpriced Several awards and scholarships behind her and got to have a presentation during Milan Fashion Week. Furthermore, you understand all the impressive reviews and awards because this young expanding designer knows it all. I got a few minutes with this humble designer after the show, while everyone ran up to her graduated her for the incredible show, she didn’t wan’t to get interviewed she wanted to be with the ones that made this show happened.

What was your inspiration for this collection?

– It started when I saw people had gone around the entire Stockholm and painted swastikas and aggressive words on mosques and public buildings, and what I responded to and thought was so beautiful was that ordinary people wanted to show their opposition. By either painting them over and make an art of it or they covered them with flowers. And I thought it was so very nice, so I also wanted to do a thing like that, so I took a flower and so I spray-painted it to make it as a tag in any way so I have printed it in that size.

With white as the base color with hints of orange, pink and red blomtry and Ida signatures with clear features from last season’s shapes and cuts. She knows how to make clothes for the female body; she makes it neat and sleek. And not to mention the makeup, natural makeup with color sparkle glitter under the eyes that make the outfit flourish even more and you can see the glance of the beautiful model. You want to look like this next spring and summer.

What materials do you prefer to work with?

– I have a weak spot for neoprene, which can be seen quite often in my collection. Because it’s so good to print on, then it will be an interesting case and to mix it up with natural materials silk, wool, and so it will be a clash.

In the middle of the show, something happens, the models continues to showcase the amazing collection while some powerful singer wearing Ida Klamborns white dress, gets up from the front-row and begins to sing acapella of her own song ‘’Hard Times’’. Something we all were surprised to, Ida herself says when I asked her that ‘You all saw that she was here, and we played her song instrumental so long that one wondered oh well, no, I guess she is not singing.’

But we were wrong.

You chose to use the live music of the new Swedish rising star Seinabo Sey how did you get that idea?

– It started earlier, we met a few months ago, she liked my work and I styled  the clothes for her music video, which was really fun then so it seemed natural that she would sing at the show.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

– I don’t even know that myself.


Photography Victoria Stillwell