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Ida Klamborn

By experimenting with shapes, colours, and materials, Swedish fashion designer Ida Klamborn explores and develops simple ideas into something truly intriguing. Next week she will show her degree collection Trace at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm. 

The degree shows are usually like a breath of fresh air during the fashion weeks. Without being restricted by seasons or market segments, the students can focus on presenting new ideas and perspectives on fashion. When Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week takes place in Stockholm next week, graduates from The Swedish School of Textiles will show their degree collections at an event called Exit 13. Swedish designer Ida Klamborn is one of them.

– The collection started off as an exploration of the stripe, Ida says. In the same time I was also developing a 3D sketching method. The sketching method was based on ‘how to avoid sketching on flat paper’, mostly to challenge my way of creating shapes and proportions in relation to the 3D body. So the method together with the handprinted striped pattern evolved into garments where the essence was the big stripes as well as the  folded and wrapped materials. The repetitive striped pattern is broken each time the material is folded in a new direction, which highlights both the stripes and the fold.

The collection started off as an exploration of the stripe

By experimenting with shapes, colours, and materials, Ida Klamborn explores and develops simple ideas into something truly intriguing. The sculptural silhouettes in tandem with the bold colours makes her Trace collection reminiscent of early modern artist such as Mondrian and Sonia Delaunay. It is playful and flourishing, yet sophisticated and thoughtful.

– There is no ‘one moment experience’ that made me interested in fashion, Ida says. Instead it was more of a slow and natural development from an early age. I think that I’ve kept my interest in fashion mostly because I’m so intrigued by the complexity in it. There are so many levels in this industry and so many ways that you as a designer can choose to work.

Besides her solid education from The Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Ida also has several awards and scholarships behind her. Her BA degree collection received the prestigious Italian Fabric Award, and this spring she was selected by the Swedish Fashion Council as one of the nominees for Rookies 2013.

What did the education at The Swedish School of Textiles give you?
– It gave me the knowledge and the possibility to develop my own skills and language as a designer. Also to be critical and analyzing in relation to fashion and my way of working with it.

What does it mean to you to show at MBFW?
– Its a great venue and I’m happy to take part in it. I will show my collection together with The Swedish School of Textiles. It will be a great show with a lot of different expressions by young designers.

What does your nearest future look like?
– I recently moved to Stockholm where I have my own studio. I work with my own label parallel with working as a freelancer and doing special orders. My goal is to develop my brand further and to find a balance in my company.

Ida Klamborn’s collection Trace will be shown at The Swedish School of Textile’s degree show Exit 13 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the 27th of August. See the collection’s lookbook above.