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Isabell Yalda Hellysaz at Fashion Week Stockholm

Isabell Yalda Hellysaz is the confident but very humble Swedish/Persian Fashion Designer that the entire fashion-Sweden talks about.

In 2006 Isabell Yalda Hellysaz graduated as a Graphic Designer from The Cumbria Institute of the Arts in the UK but decided to change direction and started studying fashion graduated in 2012 top of her class from The London College of Fashion and has always knew that she would be where she is today.

The design of all her collections is sharp and futuristic,  and exactly what Isabell told Radar in the interview for her latest collection. The clothes are designed for a strong woman who survives anything thrown at her. That’s one of the inspirations about the famous visor loved by Lady Gaga.  That it protects you from the all dust and mud. Instead of choosing white as the main color she have done before. She this time she choose shades of apricot, silver, light beiged and other colors in the same color scale that was very fresh and new.

After the long awaited show was over at the magnificent Berns with multiple of Sweden’s fashion elite congratulating her on what an remarkable collection she had created it was my turn to some time with this astonishing and unique designer.

What has inspired you this season?

– The collection is an extension of the earlier collection called Antidote and it was inspired by the 60’s, space-age this futuristic modern and army uniforms. So this was an extension of the last collection to be able to combine them both collections without feeling that it has gone out of trend.

How do you select fabric?

– I select it by feeling, I take a lot of  different fabric and then I sit down and go through everything and check and then select out what feels good and what I believe I can work with and combine with. Different materials and mixes and see how it goes.

What fabrics do you like to work with right now?

– Cotton mix for exampel is easy to sew and wonderful to work with, but since I like to work with any kind of fabric. I work a lot with silk because it is quite difficult. I like silk, silk but it’s very hard to sew it. I am open to all kinds of fabric, I like to experiment as much as possible.

If you were to describe yourself, what would it be?

– Pretty happy and very bubbly.

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When and how did you decide to change after studying Graphic Design to switch to studying fashion, when came the turning point?

– I always knew that I would do fashion, there was no turning point. After my Graphic Design I switch and  just set myself against fashion. I knew I wanted it forever.

Perhaps becouse you know dared and felt the time was right?

– Yes, now that I had more academic courses and so do I fashion as a hobby that my parents saw it.

After studying fashion in London, did you inspiration of living in a city with a lot of culture and openness in what you are wearing?

– Yes absolutely,  London is very cosmopolitan and Sweden is very Swedish, but I have the Swedish, Cosmopolitan and the Persian so I mean maybe it’s what allows me to become a bit more unique because I have a mix of different cultures mixed in. But I’m inspired by all three of them.

Could you imagine when you studied that you would be here today?

– Yes. I always knew that I will end up here. It has been my goal.

The music in this show, tell me more about it.

– We wanted it to be as a reinforcing music with the girls that go to the beat and that’s why the girls marches at the end as an army. But while some harmonious and some electro and underground music and chill out as the show started with.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

– Pretty much, I hope.


Photos by Jade Shadey D’econzac Mbay