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J.Lindeberg SS15 at Fashion Week Stockholm

The Scandinavian fashion house J.Lindeberg was founded by Johan Lindeberg in 1996 with the goal to build a modern and functional brand that could reach internationally. But the brand has almost been like a rollercoaster, the founder left, owners came and went and it has been a whole lot of ups and downs in building something what was to become so big and in time it actually did. One day, for about 10 years ago, the brand sort of started over again when Jessy Heuvelink took over the place as chief designer.

Today J.Lindeberg is sold in over 35 countries all over the world and Jessy Heuvelink was named designer of the year by the Swedish magazine Café in 2013. So you can really say that he has lifted the brand to soaring heights. Jessy wanted to see the SS15 collection as a big flower arrangement mixed with their rock and roll look playing with colors, prints and textures in a fresh way. The show Biotopia – “Unfolding an urban wilderness” was held at Berns on Stockholm fashion week yesterday and I got to experience it.

Although I arrive early I face an extremely long queue that has been formed outside of Berns, there are no doubts that J.Lindeberg is a very important show on Stockholm fashion week and there is no question that it’s a very important fashion brand for Sweden.

A slice of the space that surrounds us. A space we share with plants, flowers and wildlife, where we live and breathe

The light goes down and we start hearing the sound of pounding music mixed by Marcus Ullmarker. Finally the crispy light brightens up the runway and the models starts enter and walks to the beat of the music in all these remarkable clothes.

The show and collection is inspired by the 60’s rock and roll and Lalle Johnson stands for the styling. It’s almost like we get thrown back in a spin to the time of the rolling stones and with the hairstyles of the Beatles, Humoristic and yet so phenomenal. I definitely didn’t got bored.

This collection has clearly more lightness to it than previous collections; with animal prints, playful colors, suede jackets and leather jackets including the most fantastic flower patterns I’ve seen. Hounds tooth pattern, feather skirts and feather vests – Amazing! The materials are exclusive with quality and everything feels so sleek and conceived.

All the models enter again for the final, they’re like “the big army” of J.Lindeberg with power and grace. Jessy Heuvelink comes in after them smiling big and waves dressed in his black suede leather jacket.


The audience applause was infinite.


Photography by Victoria Stillwell