Martin Across

Martin Across is the artistic name of an upcoming brand created by Martin Maldonado. He is living in Barcelona, studying his last year of Fashion Design at Istituto Europeo di Design. Radar’s blogger Daniella Johansson met with Martin Maldonado to talk about his brand, the collection Decay, and his bright future.

Martin Across is a brand that I believe is, and always will be, under development, says Martin Maldonado. Being only twenty years old I haven’t necessarily had enough experience to create a fully developed brand identity, and that’s why these past years have been crucial to me. I want to offer a design that is exclusive and directed towards those who truly connects with the brand. To me it’s a bit like theater, only it’s about actually embodying a character when wearing a certain piece of clothing. I want people not to be guided by how to look, but rather how they would feel, and whom they would transform into, by wearing a piece of my clothing.


Where do you find inspiration?
– I like to be open minded when it comes to inspiration, and it is something that just comes to me at the right time. I cannot really define it. I also believe that I’ve been extremely lucky to have met people during these past years that truly influenced my design and my aesthetics. Music, literature, photography, and architecture are some of the paths that I take to extract ideas. Something I really dislike is creating something with boundaries.

– My clothes are my art.


Tell me about your collection for autumn winter 2013,  Decay?
– The concept stems from an exploration of feelings and sensations caused by the fears and dysfunctions of a futuristic society. The initial inspiration came from a variety of characters from the novel Momo by Michael Ende. Momo, an intelligent determined girl, stumbles upon a group of characters known as The Grey Gentlemen. These cavaliers are revealed as a race of paranormal parasites, known for stealing the time from the humans. Gradually, the sinister influence of the men in grey affects the whole city; life becomes sterile, devoid of recreation, art, imagination, and even sleep.

– The plot takes place in a city drained by darkness and isolation. Buildings and clothing unanimously lack color, and the rhythms in life become hectic and unbearable. For this collection I wanted to conceptualize the characters of The Grey Gentlemen, and portray them through my own futuristic vision. I liked the idea of working with stiff, exaggerated structures, as it gave me the feeling that these men were soldiers of future fighting in a never-ending war. Decay is wind, shadow, light, and darkness. Decay is fear, war, degeneracy, and rust.


What does your nearest future look like?
– My plan is to move to Asia after I graduate. I’m thinking about Seoul, Shanghai, or Tokyo. Whatever the result in Asia, I think I would like to take a Master’s Degree in London or Antwerp. To really focus on Martin Across would be the third step, but who knows… Sometimes you skip steps, while new ones appear on the way.

Daniella Johansson

Daniella Johansson is also living in Barcelona and just graduated from Fashion Marketing and Communication. Read her blog at Radar here.

Model: Alex Molinero
Photographer: Pedro Ortiz
Make-up: Jorge Balzaretti