Nhorm — “A remix of a remix”

Nhorm is the brand we have seen all over the Swedish internet since Fashion Week. Nhorm consists of Hanna Rudebeck and Mathilda Nilsson, and the designs are created in their conversations. Radar met up with them for a chat!

Nhorm started off in 2011 when Hanna and Mathilda began to exchange ideas and inspiration. Their previous works have been shown together with smaller brands at the experimental platform Amaze. At this year’s Fashion Week they took Nhorm one step further with a show of their own at the main stage during Stockholm Fashion Week.



How are you doing, after the big judgement day?
– It’s been a week since the show, and we are still a little bit dizzy. Its like walking straight into a wall, but the wall is saying stuff to you and want you to continue to deliver…

Let’s go through the basics. What is Nhorm?
– Nhorm is us, two designers working together trying to find and create a merged universe. Nhorm is what happens in the conversation between us and what this conversation creates.



What is your source of inspiration – do you have any common things or ideas that inspire you both?
– We work a lot with contrasting elements, with the aim to create a diverse whole. And we are super interested in wearability and trend. And eachother.

I read in another interview that your latest collection is a mix of ice-skating and hip-hop, why? Can you tell us some more about what we saw at Fashion Week?
– Our lastest collection is a mix between ice-skating and hip-hop, and with this collection we wanted to continue on that theme and develop our ideas further. We usually work with two differens sources of inspiration and then merge them as a method of designing. When we started to work on this collection we realized that we didn’t need the anti-pole, the contradiction was already in the hip hop inspiration. So we started to look at female hip hop and rnb artists that we admire, especially their way of combining and mixing different references and styles in a quite “disrespectful” way. Then this material has been going in and out through the Nhorm-filter, the result is in that way “a remix of a remix”.



What do you think are the pros and cons with an official show at Fashion Week?
– A week after the actual show we can see that one of the pros is the amount of press that comes with it, and that it works as a kind of approval stamp. People take your work seriously in another way. One of the cons could be that we are harder to read – what scene are we a part of? But that is something we are still exploring, too. Which context is our context?


What is your personal favourite piece in your closet?
Hanna: White T-shirt
Mathilda: White shirt… haha.

What is the oldest garment you are still using (not as in vintage but as in what age you where when you bought it?)
Mathilda: A black shirt a bought second hand my first year of gymnasium. I use it when I feel nervous…
Hanna: Don’t know! I think I’ve switched out most of it during the last 4 years or so…

What did you wish to be when you grew up as kids?
Mathilda: Fireman or artist…
Hanna: Equestrian champion



Last question: If you couldn’t make clothes of fabric, what type of material would you make a collection of?
– No idea! The fabric is such a big part of our process and it is impossible to imagine how to replace it.

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