OFFICIAL GALLERY: the hybrid project

OFFICIAL GALLERY is an art and apparel project from Gothenburg created by two guys named Jesper and Teo. Inspired by the simplistic Scandinavian and classic streetwear, OFFICIAL GALLERY have just released a new drop. Radar had a little chat with them about their brand and what’s coming.

Tell us a little aboutOFFICIAL GALLERY!
– OFFICIAL GALLERY is an art and apparel project based in Gothenburg. 

You have been a little bit secret and quiet, in terms of interviews and such. How come?
– We don’t search for attention “dat way”. This interview is based on a good vibe between us. We want people to see what we do, not focus on us as persons.

Your brand has been called a balanced hybrid between Scandinavian design and classic streetwear. Is this the way you want to describe the brand?
– I think that’s a good description of our clothing. We feel it’s somewhere in between. We’ve been trying to find a proper word describing what we create, but we are still searching. We do not accept being placed in just the streetwear genre, we want more.

Is there anything in particular that inspires you?
– Surroundings.

What other areas of creativity do you look at when searching for inspiration?
– Interior. You will see more of what I’m talking about soon.

Around fashion week in Stockholm you were part of the Swedish hip hop collective RHM’s initiative called Space. What is your opinion about fashion week?
– Don’t have one. If it wasn’t for the relationship to RMH and Josefine Forssjö and their initiative in creating a forum like SPACE, we wouldn’t have participated. 

You are obviously not following traditional frames for your releases as you just released your latest collection in the middle of the season. Is this a statement?
– Statement and statement, we do drops randomly as we feel that’s the right thing for us. We do not work in timelines such as SS/AW. OFFICIAL GALLERY is more like a project, that drops good quality clothes when we feel the timing is right.

Last week you released a new collection. What’s new with the release, except for it being new?
– For every drop we are always trying to experiment with fabrics and styles that we personally like. New drop, new us. 

I have heard some secrets about an upcoming collaboration with the one and only Göran Kling. How much can you tell us about that?
– It’s been in the pipe for a while, but will become reality in late April. There will be a limited drop of 20 unique rings in total where we express ourselves in different ways. The rings will be for sale over just two days, one day in Stockholm (27th of April) and one day in Gothenburg (29th of April).

Is there a plan for the future of OFFICIAL GALLERY? Are you only a fashion brand now?
– No, it’s been a big part of our movement for a while and it is still going to be, but we will continue to create and also create in different ways. Maybe you could buy a bathrobe from us soon, or even interior, who knows?

See more by OFFICIAL GALLERY at the website and Instagram. Photography by Simon Saarinen and Jens Dohnberg.