One could hear the ‘’-WOW’’ from the first row when the black collection of Deitas came out on the podium. It was the long black silk gown, cut simply showing a slight of the skin from the model’s back, which caught their eyes.

It all started as an idea; in 2011 Madeleine Engelbert presented an idea to her soon to be fashion-partner Josephine Dahlin, about making the perfect basic item made of high-quality silk, that wouldn’t cost a fortune. The idea came to reality when Deitas was launched in the fall of 2012 by Madeleine and Josephine, with the design to only work with silk and the aspiration of creating the perfect luxury basics.

The design duo believes in the importance of flattering silhouettes and presents their clothes in beautiful palette of colors, which can be worn at all occasions. The collections of Deitas embrace a feminine assurance with clear cuts and structures for flattering shapes for the female form. The inspiration for the SS15 was drawn from the small fishing villages of the Italian coast. With the petroleum colored seas as a backdrop you could see the fishermen’s nets hanging to dry in the blazing sun, creating a setting along the colorful coastal villages.

When did you decide to work together?
Madeleine : It was 2011; I presented an idea for Josephine about making the perfect basic item of silk and the rest is history.

Photo by Andreas Alfredsson / Happyphant Production

How does it feel having your collection at fashion week Stockholm?
Josephine: I think it’s very exciting that we have for the first time added several product categories. For we started by creating a collection of only tops, as the ultimate bass collection of tops. But now we’ve added trousers, skirts, long dresses, jumpsuits blazeers so it’s a very exciting season.

The inspiration for the SS15 comes from the Italian coast, tell us more about that inspiration for this season’s collection.
M: We liked the contrast, because we work a lot with Italian silk and this kind of exclusive and glamorous way and then we thought that the Italian coast with its fine touches were perfect match and influence.

How do you feel only to work with silk fabric material?
J: It is really fun, it’s a thankful materials used and very adjustable.

The idea behind the black gown, When did the idea for the dress come?
M: Oh yes,  It was probably one of the first we did. And yes is beautiful.

Octaviano Ledesma

Who should wear your clothes?
M: Today, it is mainly women who are sure about both her ​​femininity and her sexiness but also her sophistication appearance . So I think it’s in that somewhere the people who wear our clothes stands, I think our balance is attracting our customer with the super feminine and sexy but also sophisticated. And perhaps it is for our Scandinavian background that allows us to balance it rather than being too action on one side.

Octaviano Ledesma

What was the inspiration for the music we heard during the presentation, and what we had to take some of the songs?

M:  It was actually I who chose the music, I  was very much in Italy, when I was younger  with my parents. And my dad had a thing for Italian disco-pop at the time, therefore suitable it became so. The fact that our collection, we found inspiration from Italy so we wanted to create a bit out of the atmosphere.

Deitas is the brand that  is more about timeless, clean-cut pieces that you wear from year to year, than thoose extravagant season favorites of yours, that stands in the fashion light for no more than a year. Their design is what you wear easily with your favorite jeans as with that overly remakable statement skirt.


Header photo by Andreas Alfredsson / Happyphant Production