Shoes like stools

Summer traveling mode is on. Visiting  fashion capitals around the world you certainly need a pair of  comfy yet stylish shoes. Ones that could take you through long sightseeing days and party nights. 

5: AM is a shoe brand based in Barcelona, which has named each one of the models from their first collection after the most elegant, quirky or sexy cities.Spanish designer Laura Basterra does not forget to put Stockholm on her map. And curiously enough, she chooses Swedish interior design as her main reference. Her goal is to translate the characteristic clean aesthetics of the Scandinavian furniture into footwear.



Taking a look back into the archives of the greatest Swedish designers, one needs to admit that Stockholm shoes embody the very same rough yet refined simplicity. Just like famous chairs by Yngve Ekström, Stockholm embraces the comfort and functionality. At the same time they attract with refined play of shapes and colours. The urban and the architectonical intertwine with the organic structure. In fact, these parallels are no coincidence considering that architecture, furniture design and fashion are all constructed around the proportions of the human body.


Stockholm shoes have a definite retro vibe same as the most famous pieces of Scandinavian design. This fits the nostalgic atmosphere of Stockholm, which unlike other metropolises preserves some vintage charm in stead of becoming ultra modern. With their close relationship to the nature, Swedes like to keep a bit of rural feeling even in their city environment. The pine stool by Axel Einar Hjorth illustrates the style. Just imagine putting it in the middle of the room- wouldn’t it look like a tree trunk straight from the nearby forest?




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