With no aesthetic division between him and her, unisex brand UY embraces minimal shapes and an unchanging intonation of colour. We met with the two designers behind the brand in Berlin to talk about inspiration and darkness.

The combination of Middle East and Scandinavian culture is something that outlines Berlin based fashion brand UY. Fanny Lawaetz from Stockholm and Idan Gilony from Tel Aviv are the two designers behind the androgynous brand, founded in Barcelona in 2013.

– The story of UY started when we were fashion design students. We could never afford to buy pieces from the expensive high fashion brands and we were very frustrated. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, so we started to make t-shirts and basic wear with manipulated details for ourselves.

– A great curiosity rose among our circle of friends and acquaintances, so we decided to make a small sample-sale. It became a big success, and the demand increased even more. At that point, we decided to choose a name and logo, and to fill the gap between the high fashion brands and the alternative people. So in a way we could say that UY chose us.


Where do you find inspiration?
– We find inspiration in the simplicity of everyday activities and behaviours, such as traveling, cultural relations, the underground techno music scene, friends, and our surroundings. The ideas that we find most interesting are not the ones considered “trendy”. It could be something very strong, dramatic, or unexpected.

Tell me about UY’s #003 collection?
– After we had processed the constant stream of information around us, we started to visualize our ideas, and the garments took their first step in life. We try to keep our guidelines very clear; the silhouette is minimalistic with clean lines, asymmetric cuts, and interesting and functional details. Unexpected, futuristic shapes, with a raw and clean finish are also significant for us.

– The unchanging intonation of colour used for UY takes off in dark shades of black, grays, and off-whites. They are easy to match with other colours, and leave space for personal styling.  

The dark sky is the limit

Who is wearing UY?
– There is no aesthetic division between him and her, old and young, and we do not label ourselves and our garments. Therefore, the collections that we create are not labeled according to season, time, or gender. UY stands for honesty, inviting the wearer to feel open and free when choosing what to wear. We convey uniqueness through irregularity.

What happens in the nearest future?
– The next step for UY is to open a new studio, where we can add value and volume to our brand. When UY has a proper house we are sure that “the dark sky is the limit.”

See the lookbook for UY #003 collection above. Photography by Kyle Diorio.
Watch the UY #003 show below and follow the brand on Facebook here.