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It suddenly poured in my mind the essence of elimination, or to be more specific——sophistication. I guess you may have noticed that I used to be a what they call ‘peacock man’, who was enthralled in combining tons of prints and patterns flagrantly. However, profoundly inspired by an intriguing saying,Pattern on pattern is the new minimalism on Instagram, I happened to reinterpret the balance between pattern mixing and sophistication. What matters most, from my own perspectives, is the cohesion of patterns, textures, and prints. Standing out from off-duty chic, this sort of new minimalism requires a more editing eyes, which means the astute choice of selection is playing a vitally significant role throughout the whole ensemble.

simone marchettis

@marchettisimone: Pattern on pattern is the New Minimalism

05 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfit+zara+street+style+mens
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06' fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfit+zara+street+style+mens
In this look you may be familiar with this ZARA STUDIO pajama blouse since it has appeared in my earlier outfit on my blogger site. And in light of balance of the new minimalism, I select navy blue, which is the color of either boldness or classic chic, to play as the background fusion of the whole ensemble. Check, geometric patterns, and even art-deco prints are all there but in corresponding orders or colors. The BOY LONDON vintage leather jacket, in a word, coordinates well with all the layering to strike another balance.

07'' fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfit+zara+street+style+mens
09 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfit+zara+street+style+mens

i’m wearing

ZARA white shirt | ZARA STUDIOS pyjama printed blouse | LANVIN vintage printed tie | BOY LONDON vintage faux leather jacket | VERTEBRATE check pattern pants | ACNE STUDIOS Laurie Black bag | patent leather derbies

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  2. Such a lovely leather jacket..! you look so stylish <3

  3. Very fascinating details you’ve got noted, appreciate this for publishing.

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  5. Olivia

    killer outfit, really. you’re my new favourite blogger.

  6. The Fashion Panda

    I love your style and the outfit is great !!

  7. milex

    I love it, like for real

  8. fashmongers

    So in love!

  9. Stella

    Your trousers are very stylish!
    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

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