01 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfits+lookbook+camouflage+new+balance+zara+mensfashion+style+street style
02 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfits+lookbook+camouflage+new+balance+zara+mensfashion+style+street style.jpg

For times we’ve been discussing the alternative of wearable but somehow stylish daytime ensembles. Words like linen shirt, jersey dress, or even baggy pants (to which I extend zero tolerance) are autonomously raised.  Honestly speaking, I don’t have to verbalize much on my distaste of matching a slim-fit Boho-style shirt with an ill-fitting(or even well-fitting) denim jeans, which is sort of, you must have imagined, prosaic enough for a gorgeous guy to run into a pit of the flaming boring crowd. On the contrary, for a guy who goes for camouflage, however, it shows otherwise.

03 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfits+lookbook+camouflage+new+balance+zara+mensfashion+style+street style.jpg
04 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfits+lookbook+camouflage+new+balance+zara+mensfashion+style+street style.jpg
05 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfits+lookbook+camouflage+new+balance+zara+mensfashion+style+street style.jpg

Alas, there is exactly no fresh elements in camouflage. And I’m sure you’ve spotted tens of thousands of people showing their affection to it. Still, being innovated and executed by gifted designers, this rugged and somehow weird pattern is always in its booming age. Seen on the runways of Michael Kors, Christopher Kane, Rihanna for River Island, and that signature collection of Valentino,  it is everywhere—— camouflage is all the rage!

06 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfits+lookbook+camouflage+new+balance+zara+mensfashion+style+street style.jpg
07 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfits+lookbook+camouflage+new+balance+zara+mensfashion+style+street style.jpg
08 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+outfits+lookbook+camouflage+new+balance+zara+mensfashion+style+street style.jpg

And yes, I go for camouflage this time. In this look, I guess you’ve known this faux leather shorts quite well, for it’s been appeared occasionally in my previous outfits. Frankly speaking, it IS beyond a wardrobe stable for my daily outfits during pre-fall and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Intended to go for a more cohesive ‘military’ ensemble, I match it with a quilted combination jacket by Zara, which involves cohesive faux leather texture and elaborate quilted details. And what impresses me most about this jacket, is that it embraces an asymmetric crossover collar which adds more structure to the garment. Finally it comes this pair of discernibly unique camouflage sneakers by New Balance, or somewhat a style bargain of Valentino’s high-end camo aesthetic, just swashes it as a dashing killer on the street.


I’m wearing…

Zara quilted crossover jacket & white shirt | Sun Vegas faux leather shorts | New Balance 501 camouflage sneakers | Acne Studios ‘Humor’ leather tote


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Tracing back to the time when, that pair of Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers was in a swelling rush to have almost every fashion insiders, from senior editors, notable bloggers to somewhat showgoers or even the dashing unknown someone, traveled the familiar trajectory to stomp around fashion week in it. As a matter of fact, however, I wasn’t (and probably won’t for good) a huge fan of this somehow whimsical trend, for the wedges itself looks like, what Zac Posen has mentioned, a frumpy dumpy to me.

street 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg
sietske 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

pastel coat + leather pants+ loose tank top. Sietske kills it with this pony hair slip-on sneakers by Zara

ss 2 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

Studio Nicholson Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook

But thanks god, like every trickle-down trend, the tidal wave of the Isabel wedges waned fairly quickly. And we’ve got another trend swiftly swooped in. Judging by those street style arbiters, I think we would easily reach a consensus that the slip-on sneaker, which can be seen on either haute fashion houses or contemporary designers, is in its booming age.


2 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

Givenchy striped snakeskin | Vans canvas | Givenchy striped snakeskin

Kenzo ‘Fly Tiger’ | Schutz leopard | H&M leopard

Kenzo marble print| Vans leopard  | Givenchy silk printed

Honestly speaking, the slip-on silhouette isn’t that new and creative, as seen on the original version by Vans in the Grungy 90s. Still, designers nowadays tend to add more haute sophistication to their high-end slip-on sneakers. Going from Givenchy’s slip-on which is covered by its signature lacing details while trimmed with leather, to that classic canvas slip-on complemented with vibrant ‘Fly Tigers’ print by Kenzo, or just taking a look at that furry ponyhair slip-on by Zara which has been snapped up in the blink of an eye, a slip-on sneaker is of that charm to go for easygoing perfection in a way that reminds me of somewhat the resurgence of grunge and pop culture. However, this pre-grungy something comes along alone this time, warmly embraced by the couture crowd. What’s more, if you’ve ever noticed the recent lookbook of Studio Nicholson, you must be astonished to find out that every look within is styled with that pair of Celine leopard slip-on sneakers. Now you may match your structured oversized coat with a pair of trendy slip-ons for some boyish scents. Or to push the boundaries more  flagrantly, forget your killer heels for a while, for your smoky gowns are yearning for a break just like you do. And don’t forget to put a pair of Nike socks in it.

4 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

Givenchy lace | Next pony hair

3  judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

Kurt Geiger quilted leather | Givenchy leather

FFShop24 leopard | Celine checked

Givenchy sation and leather print | Celine neon yellow pony hair

Celine snakeskin | Vans leather


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03 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+neoprene+scuba+pullover+sweatshirt+other+stories+street+style+chic+ascne+rumor+tote+bag
02 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+neoprene+scuba+pullover+sweatshirt+other+stories+street+style+chic+ascne+rumor+tote+bag
None would have ever anticipated the variation of Neoprene (or more commonly referred to Scuba), which was firstly designed by O’Neill brothers to create a more flexible wetsuit, to become a ubiquitous fabric on the runway. It’s crystal clear that Neoprene owns its conspicuously explicit features. Not to mention its wrinkle-free texture as well as the functional water-resist nature, it’s just the structured silhouette and the light touch that would most likely to evoke your willingness to go for it. As a matter of fact, modern designer brands like T by Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, MSGM, and even the haute fashion house like Givenchy are saying veracity to extend a refreshing welcome to Neoprene from their recent collections. And thanks to the fast fashion brands with highly claimed acumen, there are more alternative and affordable choices for ‘wetsuits’ dressing instead of wrapping oneself prosaically in a hefty winter coat.

01 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+neoprene+scuba+pullover+sweatshirt+other+stories+street+style+chic+ascne+rumor+tote+bag

04 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+neoprene+scuba+pullover+sweatshirt+other+stories+street+style+chic+ascne+rumor+tote+bag
And I’ll definitely give an affirmative yes to this scuba pullover from &other stories. Not the creative silhouette but the heart-shaped quilted detail on the front is killing it at first sight. Plus, the constructive structure precisely adds another edge to the garment itself. Thus, in the light of this amazing piece, I go for Sport Luxe, which is seemingly a transcendent version of sportswear but still with fashion fabric combos and modern edge. The ‘crop’ tote, which is a transitional version of ACNE Studios ‘Rumor’ tote, well embraces the monotonous tone of the ensemble. Still I find it better to go with a minimal cap (or somehow a visor), but unfortunately saying, it’s such a pity that I’m decidedly not a cap person at all.

05 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+neoprene+scuba+pullover+sweatshirt+other+stories+street+style+chic+ascne+rumor+tote+bag
06 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+neoprene+scuba+pullover+sweatshirt+other+stories+street+style+chic+ascne+rumor+tote+bag
07 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+neoprene+scuba+pullover+sweatshirt+other+stories+street+style+chic+ascne+rumor+tote+bag

i’m wearing

&other stories scuba pullover  | Zara white shirt | Zara striped shorts |

Acne studios ‘Rumor’ tote (more colors there) | Nike Fitsole sneakers

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2 new 02 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+plaid+check+celine+stella+mccartney+2014+runway+trend
01 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+plaid+check+celine+stella+mccartney+2014+runway+trend

I shouldn’t have blamed it on those mean words on Phoebe Philo‘s F/W 2013 collection to Celine, for I was partly confused by the collection, which contains tons of  what they refer to ‘Refugee’ bag pattern, or more specifically, the Chinatown plaid, at the first sight. But everything turns out to be alright that those ‘cheap and nonsense’ plaids have done a 180 to drop themselves off on the corner from metamorphosis to high-end.

04 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+plaid+check+celine+stella+mccartney+2014+runway+trend
05 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+plaid+check+celine+stella+mccartney+2014+runway+trend

03 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+plaid+check+celine+stella+mccartney+2014+runway+trend

I guess you’ve spotted those quirky and discernible plaids wandering around the latest S/S 2014 Fashion Week. From runway to realway, however, they seem no artificial or absurd, but instead calling on a somehow resurgence of the new plaid. Not to mention the grungy sort of  look worn by Margaret Zhang that covers a large scale of leather to play with the combination plaid patterns, or the head-to-toe Celine plaid look on Christine Centenera,just a pair of checked slip-ons worn by Camille with an all-black ensemble will definitely evoke your willingness of wrapping in checked blanket, or grabbing your ‘collections’ Chinatown ‘Refugee’ bag on the street.

Thus, from the controversial Celine plaid anorak to the hottest Mother Of Pearl Check Coat from Ganni, the Scottish tartan pieces from Saint Laurant or Preen, which share relevance to the tidal wave of plaid, or even those more affordable garments available at Zara, it’s seemingly the right time to go for one or more wearable but way of quirky plaided pieces for the fall.


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on the list…

Stella McCartney checked jacketStella McCartney checked coat | Marc by Marc Jacobs Aimee plaid sweaterBurberry Brit Plaid wool-blend coatClements Ribeiro Cable knit-detailed wool sweater |

Saint Laurent Tartan mohair sweater | MSGM checked colorblock pants | NO.21 Check-print lambs wool sweater  | Zara checked double breasted jacket | Saint Laurent  Plaid wool shirt |

Equipment Multi-plaid signature silk shirt | Emilia Wickstead Raphael plaid wool coat | Stella McCartney Tartan mohair sweater | Karl Lagerfeld Vicious tartan biker jacket | 3.1 Phillip Lim Shearling-collar plaid coat |

NO.21 Plaid-print mini skirt | PREEN Tartan biker jacket | Zara Oversized checked jacket  | Stella McCartney Falabella tartan bag

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