01 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars
02 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars

Here comes our most time-consuming outfit post which covers about one-month time. It was pure astonishment and enthusiasm in mash-up when i got this Heartbeats Vintage Jacket denim jacket with pop art patches on the back. Thus, in the very first place, I simply wore it with patchwork denim overalls from 3.1 Phillip Lim as pants with matching ‘triple-clutches situation’. However, following up a host of thoughts on which the ensemble might be a little too drama-free to blend in that dramatic  jacket, I turned out to reverse the jacket on the front while squeezing one sleeve into it. A corset-inspired strapless top or jacketed one-shoulder denim dress whatever, the jacket does get transformed into a versatile piece which might possibly found around summer stables. A pair of distressed jean shorts was what initially came to me, yet I went for overalls as pants eventually. For a record, this ensemble exudes a  loyalty (or more specifically frenzy) to Lim’s vibe (you know how much I dig him besides our Mr. Wang) since both the shirt and overalls are from 3.1 Phillip Lim, while Roy Lichtenstein‘s creations were the initial inspiration of his Pre-fall 2012 collection.

01 cc judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars
02 3 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars
04 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars
03 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars
05 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars
06 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars
07 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+pop+art+denim+jacket+street+style+mensfashion+3.1+phillip+lim+patchwork+jeans+pony+slip+on+sneakers+beijing+china+blogger+jil+sander+clutch+the+fault+in+our+stars

I’m wearing…

3.1 Phillip Lim white shirt | 3.1 Phillip Lim patchwork denim overalls (similar here and here) | Heatbeats Vintage Jackets printed denim jacker (similar here) | Jil Sander logo embossed clutch  | pony hair slip-on sneakers (see here, here, and here)

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  1. Near

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    Nice outfit!!!
    Great post :)

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    amazing! stunning pics!!
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  6. Oliver Lips

    Such an awesome look Judas! Love this denim jacket, really cool.

  7. Mira

    Wow you look so rad! Love everything!

    xx Mira

  8. Mafalda

    I’m a big fan of your edgy outfits, you look fabulous. That jacket is just amazing.
    Mafalda ❤

  9. hadrien

    Super cool oufit
    very nice pics
    Great Blog and work

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