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01 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+outfit+street+style+blogger+china+acne+studios+olympia+klein+royal+blue+jacket+fur+clutch+celine+satin+slip+on+sneakers+2014+spring+trend+beijing+normcore

02 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+outfit+street+style+blogger+china+acne+studios+olympia+klein+royal+blue+jacket+fur+clutch+celine+satin+slip+on+sneakers+2014+spring+trend+beijing+normcore

Making a bland comeback with a slight tan and an outfit post after weeks of absence. Currently I’ve been  thinking what summer 2014 is all about and it quintessentially pops up  keywords like “normcore”, “fifty shades of grey”, “monochrome”, and “blue”, to be more specific, International Klein Blue (IKB) created by the proto-postmodernist Yves Klein.

Alas, you might definitely take it as an hue of dream when you’re going through Klein’s works in his prestigious time. He created hundreds of monochrome paintings(yes we’re talking about monochromes in the form of paintings rather than Picasso or Van Gogh), considering them to be a way of rejecting the idea of representation in painting and therefore of attaining creative freedom. That ambiguously explains the nondescript nature of IKB, or to say, your impression on this hue or people who are wearing it at the very first sight, and somehow fused with mysterious vibe.

Here I’m wearing a wool-blend “Olympia” jacket in IKB from Acne Studios with a matching faux fur clutch from Stylenanda. I simply go for an asymmetric shorts that plays with clean cutting and a neutral hue. Those Celine slip-on sneakers in navy are made of a shimmering satin texture and feature a scent of ultramarine. And I’m like in the mood for (pretending that I’m a huge fan of) reading, so I naturally take a book (clutch from Kate Spade) with me.

03 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+outfit+street+style+blogger+china+acne+studios+olympia+klein+royal+blue+jacket+fur+clutch+celine+satin+slip+on+sneakers+2014+spring+trend+beijing+normcore
04 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+outfit+street+style+blogger+china+acne+studios+olympia+klein+royal+blue+jacket+fur+clutch+celine+satin+slip+on+sneakers+2014+spring+trend+beijing+normcore
05 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+outfit+street+style+blogger+china+acne+studios+olympia+klein+royal+blue+jacket+fur+clutch+celine+satin+slip+on+sneakers+2014+spring+trend+beijing+normcore
06 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+outfit+street+style+blogger+china+acne+studios+olympia+klein+royal+blue+jacket+fur+clutch+celine+satin+slip+on+sneakers+2014+spring+trend+beijing+normcore
08 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+outfit+street+style+blogger+china+acne+studios+olympia+klein+royal+blue+jacket+fur+clutch+celine+satin+slip+on+sneakers+2014+spring+trend+beijing+normcore
07 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+outfit+street+style+blogger+china+acne+studios+olympia+klein+royal+blue+jacket+fur+clutch+celine+satin+slip+on+sneakers+2014+spring+trend+beijing+normcore

I’m wearing…

Acne Studios “Olympia’ jacket (shop it in black on sale here and budget here) | Yesman asymmetric shorts | Celine satin slip-on sneakers (similar here and here) | Stylenanda faux fur clutch (similar here) | Kate Spade “The Never Ending Love Story” book clutch (and also have on look on these books)

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00 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+sale+2014+shop+3.1+phillip+lim+acne+studios+alexander+wang+fumo+cdg

Summer sale comes eventually with the arrival of Memorial Day. Besides the off-season archive sale on Farfetch and Mytheresa, you might also gain access to the resort and spring 2014 collection sale on Saks Fifth Avenue, Opening Ceremony, and most vitally for us suckers for Wang‘s creations, alexanderwang.com (exclusively available on the U.S. site).

Here I select some of  the best bargains for you to shop. Do not shilly-shally! Make your instant decision as you see fit!

01 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+sale+2014+shop+3.1+phillip+lim+acne+studios+alexander+wang+fumo+cdg

3.1 Phillip Lim panel detail shirt (must-have) | 3.1 Phillip Lim silk t-shirt in blue | Acne Studios ‘Ophelia Main-Da Rock’ denim skirt | Thakoon Addition leather track pants | 3.1 Phillip Lim double-breasted coat in navy | Comme des Garcons Shirt sneakers | Alexander Wang Fumo wristlet in blue


02 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+sale+2014+shop+kenzo+3.1+phillip+lim+acne+studios+alexander+wang+fumo+cdg
Ostwald Helgason varsity sweatshirt |  Opening Ceremony Daisy printed neoprene t-shirt | Chalayan cross-over zip shirt | 3.1 Phillip Lim embroidered varsity jacket |  3.1 Phillip Lim color block umbrella skirt | Alexander Wang Fumo wristlet in metallic  | Alexander Wang Parental Advisory’ muscle tank in cellophane (or in vinyl) | Kenzo sneakers



03 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+sale+2014+shop+kenzo+jil+sander+3.1+phillip+lim+acne+studios+alexander+wang+fumo+cdg

3.1 Phillip Lim striped pajama shirt | Alexander Wang gathered front top | Jil Sander white shirt | T by Alexander Wang leather bralette top | 3.1 Phillip Lim  ’31 Hour’ tote | Acne Studios ‘Flock’ striped skinny jeans | Hogan metallic lace-up derbies |3.1 Phillip Lim draped crossover shorts



04 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+sale+2014+shop+kenzo+jil+sander+3.1+phillip+lim+acne+studios+alexander+wang+fumo+cdg

3.1 Phillip Lim gathered hem sweatshirt | Alexander Wang  ‘Parental Advisory’ coated cotton t-shirt (also in cellophane) | Alexander Wang gloves with logo (also in gummy) | Theory tact ruched t-shirt | Halston Heritage strapless cocktail dress | 3.1 Phillip Lim laser cut-out shorts |  Maison Martin Margiela high polish cuff set | Alexander Wang lace-up pointed heels  | Jil Sander transparent vinyl clutch 



05 fashion+fcuker+jun+judas+lee+sale+2014+shop+kenzo+jil+sander+3.1+phillip+lim+acne+studios+alexander+wang+sale+parental+advisory+t+shirt+top+tank+vest+sweatshirt+coated+cottonfumo+cdg

And one thing to note, don’t ever forget to add two of these showpieces from Alexander Wang into your cart, for that signature ‘Parental Advisory’ logo will definitely provide you the easiest (while most affordable) access to your runway encapsulation. Anyway, I’ve ordered the t-shirt version in vinyl and I just cannot wait to put it on. (For the record, the sale is exclusively available on the U.S. site of alexanderwang.com while only domestic shipping is available.Thus, for anyone who would like to order please make sure that you’ve got an accessible U.S. address and of course, a U.S. credit card)

t-shirt version  VINYL | CELLOPHANE 

tank version  VINYL | CELLOPHANE


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01 jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+alexander+wang+atluzzara+button+down+spring+2014+runway+trend
02 jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+alexander+wang+atluzzara+the+haute+pursuit+vanessa+hong+shine+by+three+margaret+zhang+charlie+may+girla+lamode+button+down+spring+2014+runway+trend

Vanessa Hong @The Haute Pursuit / Margaret Zhang @Shine By Three / Charlie May @Girl a la Mode

I unwittingly re-went over some articles on “Normcore”, when I was working on my final presentation. As one of the latest fashion lexicons in 2014,  “Normcore” refers to “a bland anti-style, bandied around everywhere, from the front row to Twitter and New York Magazine” according to vogue.co.uk. It  is defined as “the notion of dressing in an utterly conventional, nondescript way struck a collective chord.” Plus, if you go into this theme one step forward, you will be likely to find out its original notion seen “on the desire to fit in rather than stand out.”

Understated and nondescript, that will be the appropriate phrase to encapsulate Normcore as well as the button-down trend that sweeps over the spring/summer 2014 catalogs  from runway to the real realway. Yes, I’m talking about one of the most reviled approaches to deal with your shirt —— button-down, spoken highly of as trend. This time, however, since it’s the year 2014, you’ve got more than one way to button (down) your shirt. Besides wearing it dangerous unbuttoned on the top as Altuzarra’s  instructions (see Margaret and Charlie in the realway), it’s precisely reasonable to follow Alexander Wang‘s Button-down Faceoff, which is with just the top buttons fastened, leaving the midriff completely bare (see how Vanessa gets her FrontRowShop blouse put together).

05 jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+alexander+wang+atluzzara+the+haute+pursuit+vanessa+hong+shine+by+three+margaret+zhang+charlie+may+girla+lamode+button+down+spring+2014+runway+trend
04 jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+alexander+wang+atluzzara+the+haute+pursuit+vanessa+hong+shine+by+three+margaret+zhang+charlie+may+girla+lamode+button+down+spring+2014+runway+trend

Here a pyramid of man’s shirts (or designated blouses) are your best options. Most probably a pair of matching boxing shorts would be a perfect match, while distressed jeans are also suggested(see Margaret and Vanessa). And what matters most in this situation is that this is literally the season to add abs crunches to your daily routine. Good luck and button down!

03 jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+alexander+wang+atluzzara+the+haute+pursuit+vanessa+hong+shine+by+three+margaret+zhang+charlie+may+girla+lamode+button+down+spring+2014+runway+trend

on the mood board…

Alexander Wang dolman-sleeved shirt | Acne Studios white Oxford shirt | Alexander Wang combined playsuit | T by Alexander Wang white blouse (budget one here) | Altuzarra striped blouse (similar here)| Zara combined blouse in pastel blue | Zara combined blouse in pristine petal 

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00 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
01 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
The prevalence of #Coachella indicates the arrival of summer. Alas, hot pants, metallic shades, #Birkinstocks , and a host of t-shirts-t-shirts-and t-shirts situation just as how you stereotype it to be, have eventually taken the throne of our daily uniforms. (Sorry for the over-hashtagging situation. But well, anyway). However, in most circumstances, t-shirts are more likely in conjunction with beachwear or somewhat non-stylish pieces, for they are more like lacking sartorial variation. Thus, it’s high time we took summer jackets into consideration.

02 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
These three pieces are my recent purchase as well as gifts from the designers. The neon camouflage jacket is from the local designer boutique Discard & Logic which is co-founded and executed by my friend Alulu. It simply plays with a contrast between the understated silhouette seen extensively from a denim jacket, and the statement camouflage pattern with shades of neon. There is a moment that my mind flows to Valentino, which has made its signature unconventional camouflage a hit throughout the runway and realway. Plus, if you randomly go into the structure of the jacket, you might as well find a twist on shoulders which allows you to remove the sleeves by unzipping the side zippers.

03 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
Following up is this mesh bomber jacket from Mr. Seven‘s homonymous designer brand Mixseven. Here you can find a zip-up detail on the left sleeve (yes, i’m a zip person), another zipper on the front, and all-minimal-everything. I could come up with multi ways of how i will be like in this jacket. I may simply wear it with an Alexander Wang t-shirt and matching shorts, or drape it on the shoulders as a translucent finish for a set of patterns.

04 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
I’m sure that you might have spotted a series of electric blue pieces from Acne Studios. And this Olympia jacket is just among the blue crowd. That’s what they say about how Acne Studios is the master of making amazing jackets by just going basic in compounding seemingly plain elements but coming up with unintentional modern edge. We’ve seen a pyramid of blue jackets before, but only few of them are able to break the routine by not ruining its wearable. And Olympia is just one of the few.


Just in case you are wondering…

Acne Studios Olympia royal blue jacket (similar here and shop it in black here) | Discard&Logic neon camouflage bomber jacket (similar here) | Mixseven mesh bomber jacket  | Celine satin slip-on sneakers(similar here and here) | Kate Spade ‘The Never Ending Love Story’ book clutch (similar here)

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